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I hate that. When you try to compare two different things and people say they're different because they're designated differently. That's a very SJ thing, Xplosive.

Anyway... yes, I've often conceptualized of Ni and Ti as being similar. I think that's a problem for ENFJ's because we're externally focused.

The difference is the relationship that each of them has to either Se or Ne. Ti is completely dependent upon Pe functions to function while Ni has more of parallel existence.

Ni-Se is semiology, the coordination of sensory input and it's interpolation into subjective meaning. e.g. Green = Go, Red = Stop. There's nothing that necessitates what these colors signify in our society. It's something that we all come to depend on.

The thing is that Ni and Se don't operate simultaneously. Se feeds into Ni.

What's really cool about Ni is that it has the ability to "fact check" other introverted functions. Even if we don't have a strong sense of what makes them work, we XNXJ's can call bullshit on people that for one reason or another try to circumvent these functions, perhaps for gain. What makes Ni better than Si for this purpose is it's inherent flexibility. The detached nature of intuitive functions gives them a larger space for a variety of interpretations. Sensing functions are much better anchored in reality, though, naturally, which has it's advantages.

Ti determines the validity of statements in a binary level. It, literally, IS discernment. You use it to distinguish things from one another. Handling one piece of data from Pe at a time, Ti at the most basic level makes truth-conditional statements and verifies either true or false. Where things start to get interesting is when you get to the second echelon of discernment and beyond. First 2-bit then 3 then 4...

Back when I was selling cellphones, I'd use Ti to qualify my customers to pare down their choices and determine the phone that was right for them using qualifying, closed-ended questions. Admittedly, I wasn't very good at it much of the time but when I was there, in-the-zone, I did quite well for myself.

For us ENFJ's, Ti being in the inferior position, makes it something that, at best, is static in it's function and at worst something we actively avoid using. What I mean by it being static is that we can use it in the privacy of our own mind while contemplated ways we can discern different things, cellphones for example.

Using Ti, I actively distinguished between prepaid and postpaid cellphones, those that required a data plan vs those that didn't, those with qwerty keyboard vs no, so on and so forth. You might say my system was 4 or 5-bit, pretty paltry compared to those of XXTP's but regardless good for the purpose. It helped me break down all the choices out there for people into more digestable units.

What's really cool about this way of functioning is that people with a Ti preference have a very acute and pinpointed sense of "how-true" or valid a system is, where it doesn't function as well, and how to tweak it ever-so-slightly to make the system work. This is more something I feel as an implication on account of my perception of Ti through Ni on account of observing XXTP's than something I've experienced. While I can't articulate what this all means, it definitely is there...

That fact that Ni like Ti needs to interface with a Pe is the reason for the similar feel and subsequent confusion. The difference is that for every conceptual idea that Ni has there's a corresponding set of external data that was taken in through Se, in a 1-to-1 fashion. They are inextricably linked and Ni can only function completely with or completely without Se. The without part involves interpolation of less complex underlying concepts from Ni into more complex ones, kind of like the multi-bit concept I was talking about with Ti earlier. The difference being that Pi function double over on themselves to accomplish this rather than taking pertinent data and discarding "unimportant" data as Ti does.

Btw, Si does the "doubling over" thing Ni does. You can see it when an SJ, actively and verbally, reviews their past experience to gain a tenable conception of how to proceed into unknown territory.

Alright, :D I'm tired and I need to get up in a few. If I didn't flesh out any of my concepts, I may later. Just let me know if you have any questions.
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