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I also think it's more useful to look at the Ni-Te combo instead of only Ni in isolation.

Here's how I visualize the Ni-Te relationship:

Ni is the source of ideas, associations and solutions.

I chose it to represent it as a single lightbulb for the sake of simplicity, but you could also picture Ni as a network of many lightbulbs that light up, with each lightbulb representing an idea or connection.

Another way I could picture it is as a boiling witch pot, but I digress ;3.

Te is the filter which rationally and logically evaluates the output of our Ni, sorting out the most useful ideas (illustrated as "Good") from the "maybe" and from the just plain crap ideas to discard. Again this is a simplification of the results of the Te process.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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