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For me, Ni is the process that allows me to find commonality among random things, connect them, and apply meaning.

Example: In my last therapy session, my counselor had me create a safe place. She wanted me to describe it in sensory terms (sight, sound, smell). I struggled with that because I don't see my world in those terms; my world is composed of symbols. But, I created the information she wanted because I knew we wouldn't move on until she was satisfied. The next step was for her to repeat the cues back to me while I visualized it. I nearly laughed because as she was describing the sensory details I intuited the meanings behind the details I chose.

Safe Place: Horseback Riding
Gloves: protection from the harsher edges of the reins, mutes the physical sensations
Saddle: provides balance and stability, mutes the physical sensations but doesn't eliminate them
Gait: predictability, rhythm, symmetry
Aware of others but not paying attention: internal focus
Indoor arena: controlled and safe environment, outside influence is moderated by doors that close
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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