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How would you describe yourself as an ENFP? -esp. if you're gay-

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I'm an INFJ and some said that ENFP is INFJ's natural partner. Here's something a fellow INFJ wrote about ourself:

" - At the parties and social gatherings look for people who are a bit aloof and who look like they prefer one-on-one conversations. 1-2 people talking we can easily handle, 4+ becomes a challenge. I can fake an extravert at parties for short period of time but it leaves me feeling wasted after a few hours. Lots of people talking in a group inevitably makes me space out. Most commonly I'll be talking to one-two people or just people gazing. Look for people who are trying to not catch attention. INFJs will rarely dress flashy or openly flirt at parties. Of course if you flirt with us we may flirt back, but we often won't readily initiate the process.
- At the dining places and restaurants look for people eating by themselves, sitting at the edge, observing others, reading, or looking serious, like they are in deep thought about something.
- In lecture halls look for people who sit on the side of a table row, alone or with one-two other people. If they sit with a group of people they will often be on the side of that group and not in the center socializing wildly.
- Any groups and clubs dedicated to volunteering, human rights, community causes or gatherings that deal with religion, self-improvement, and mysticism. Many INFJs have interests that lean towards those sorts of things.
- At the stores look for people who have trouble making a choice. When stuck choosing between X number of brands in comparison to most other people we will be taking longer to make a choice.
- Bookstores - well I personally often head for science, psychology, history or finances sections. I think some INFJs especially those with better developed Fe might go for fiction shelves.
- At the airports usually the one sitting with a ton of personal space around me, reading or people gazing. For whatever reason I tend to draw a lot of people trying to initiate conversation there. I think must be my Fe, making me look like I want contact or something, it is weird ...
- If you live in a big urban area can look up website and see if there is a fellow NF-types meeting group in your area. If there isn't one - why not initiate one if you have enough time and energy? These groups are likely to draw some INFJs because even though we are introverts, our Fe really pushes us to go out there and connect with other people.
- Online dating - the three free websites that I know of are OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, and Craigslist - if you are looking for a romantic date then you can mention that you are ENFP looking for INFJ in your post or profile and let them come to you.

How to impress an INFJ:
- be genuine, if people give me vibes that they are under some strain or stress speaking to me, makes me wonder what is going in their lives and in turn suspect them of ulterior motives not necessarily conscious ones
- don't be pushy asking them for personal details, talk about yourself first then ask them about themselves
- be prepared to things to move slowly relationship-wise, as we exchange information with you we are constantly bouncing your values against our values to make sure you make a good fit - not every INFJ of course will make a good fit to you
- talking about how you can truly sympathize with others, be it family, or friends, or co-workers, makes us feel more related to you and more at ease "

Anyone to describe ENFP like this? in general. or gay in particular.
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