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How would you rate or would have rated your school life?

  • 0 - I am/was home schooled.

    Votes: 37 5.5%
  • 1 - Horrible experience. I will/would never go back.

    Votes: 66 9.8%
  • 2 - Many problems. Just getting by or lucky to get through.

    Votes: 112 16.6%
  • 3 - Median - I have some good and bad memories.

    Votes: 221 32.8%
  • 4 - Good - A few problems, but nothing I can't/couldn't handle.

    Votes: 194 28.8%
  • 5 - Excellent. It is/was the best time of my life.

    Votes: 44 6.5%

How would you rate or would have rated your school life?

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Please vote...

How would you rate or would have rated your school life?
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Bad. I was in one of the top classes the whole way through but flew under the radar. I didn't relate to anyone or anything and left soon after the beginning of my senior year. I only sort of keep in touch with two or three people who I was in school with. It really was almost completely a waste of time but no one person is to blame.
im a smart guy and a lot of my teachers didnt like that... mostly because i would get bored and wouldn't do my homework and then my grades would start to slip. also, and i cant seem to find a website that explains this better, but i've been told that i am a "c prime" with regards to noology (which is a way of gathering information or something) and as far as i understand it says that i like to gather as much information as possible before making any decisions or take any action... so a few of my teachers, at first when we started a new subject, thought i was an idiot as well. also, the vast majority of my teachers were bitter older women. also, the teachers didn't know how to motivate me. it was all positive reinforcement until the teach snapped and yelled. if i have nothing to prove, why am i doing this work for a person that yells at me?

reverse psychology works well on me. tell me that you dont believe i can do it or that i dont know what im talking about and then i get motivated. because if you tell me that you believe i can do something and i agree, then why continue?

up until grade 4, things were fine and i was happy with school. grade 5 i moved to a different city and to a "rich" part of town where the high-tech is. a lot of the kids i met there had parents who were divorced and they were obviously upset by that. so a lot of the kids were making an unpleasant situation worse for everyone. this continued until grade 8.

grade 9 i was in high school and things got a lot better. same problem with the teachers tho.

university was the best time i ever had in school... and not just cause i was getting laid, lol.
(I'm actually still in school, but doing it by correspondence. Way better in my opinion)

It was alright. As poll option 4 said: I have some good and bad memories.
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I dislike school.

It bores me and to tears and I'm pretty indifferent to most of the people here.
It was a pretty damn bad Detroit Public School.

The kid's were fine, I had a good deal of friends. Bullying was never really an issue at my school (at least not for me, I was so separate from the average student's life problems). I was just one of a few normal white kids, I have no reason to act ghetto.

Near it the end it got poorer, while I had a decent social life; the school it's self was disgusting. Teachers would give up with the rowdiness of the class, and just sit at their desks until the time ran out. Classes could not be considered classes anymore.

Last two years I racked up about 60 and 60+ absences, I eventually couldn't take the total academic apathy thrown to me by the teachers. In the Fall of my senior year, I took the GED test to "GTFO".

Some major problems.
I rate it a 2. My grades were excellent, but it was a huge waste of time. We had hours of fluff 'elective' classes. We had to choose between athletics, band, or choir. Each required hours of after-school practice and events.

Growing up in little towns in the middle of nowhere meant I had nothing in common with my conservative classmates. I had more internet friends than real ones. Luckily I didn't get bullied or that sort of thing, so it was bearable.

I left high school in my junior year and quickly finished my graduation requirements through homeschooling. College wasn't much better, it just wasn't my thing for various reasons.
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1 - Went to a crappy "urban" high school. Between all the gang fights and social incidents; I'm suprised I'm still here.
i voted 'good', because, i know there were a lot of kids who were far worse off than i was, and because i always knew that there'd be something i wouldn't like everywhere. i went to a really good school, with the best rating in the city i live (and, actually, the whole country), learned in the ib programme (which at least makes the academic part interesting and awesome, mostly), i had really good grades in most of the subjects, a few (well, four, to be exact) very trustworthy friends in school, most of the other people just didn't pay much attention, as i was considered "weird". there were a few teachers though who had problems with me being quite a lot more inquisitive than other students and quite a lot less inclined to keep myself from commenting on the things i thought were wrong, and teachers who used the word "artist" on me as an insult, meaning "stupid" (since i have to admit that i decided quite soon that there were a few things i was just not interested in, and did not bother myself with studying too hard for those subjects, like, calculus. though i got 9 out of 10 marks in the national calculus exam anyways, hahah). yeah, overall i'd say school was good, even though i have a lot of bad memories about it, too.
however, i would never want to go back. enough is enough, and during high school i was only looking forward to graduation, enjoying the few things worth enjoyment, being bored most of the other time.

university is a different story altogether, though, but since i'm still in it, i'm not going to rate it, though it seems like the best time of my life now, maybe because i'm such a geek and love my chosen subject so much that i don't even feel bothered about the fact that in these uni years i still haven't made any friends there XD
I don't think I'll ever be able to explain just how much I hated high school, or why... :angry: :crying:

So I voted 1.
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It was a total waste of time. I absolutely hated it - except show choir. So I homeschool my kids. My 10yo knows more now than I did when I graduated high school. And she's happy. Imagine that...
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I voted 3. There were good times and bad. I feel silly complaining as there were certainly many worse off than myself.

All in all though, I found it to be suffocating and was relieved to be done with it.
I answered 4, but many of my colleagues would answer 2 or 3.

Because of this, I am a huge proponent of academic reform.

If I were given the opportunity, I would re-design the entire education system from the ground up. The end result would be more like the Khan academy: Khan Academy
Wow, 3 really did turn out to be the median. I know, I calculated it.
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I hated school and the rules as it seemed to me you are conditioned in schools to 'do as your told' and rammed alot of societal norms and expectations down your throats and you were expected to behave as though any other way of thinking is wrong. Added to that those who deviated from the 'norm' were harshly dealt with, including bullied children who were too afraid and/or miserable to concentrate on studies, you got labelled as a troublemaker and thrown into the 'bottom groups' were you were told your either too stupid and/or too much trouble to deal with so you belonged in the bottom and its your fault no one else's.
I was the one loner kid during my first HS. I had a small group of people I would hang out with during lunch, but I never hung out with them outside of school. So I soon become the "Alternative" kid. The only classes I did well in were speech and debate, and the art classes. So, I was glad to start my second HS. It was a lot better because I met people who helped me start to figure out who I was, and met a lot of people who shared the same interests. So I was no longer the "Alternative" kid, and I excelled and graduated earlier than all the other kids from my first HS. :laughing:
Voted for 2: lucky to get through. I would totally go for a school reform.

There weren't many subjects I cared about enough to do well, so I mostly just skated by doing the least I could could pass. It was mostly all boring or pointless. The only classes I did really well in were foreign languages and medicine (we had a sort of pre-nursing program).

The teachers... a lot of them were okay. I liked most of them. I tend to get mule-headed when I know more than my teachers, especially when it comes to English. There were a lot of times where different teachers and I butted heads simply because I refused to do things their way. But there were also several who I got along with.

As for my peers, I didn't like the majority of them and I'm guessing they just didn't want to bother to get to know me. I was (am) very socially awkward, so I never had any friends. Was teased a lot, really.
I would say either 3 or 4. Have some great memories of friends (and some of the are still my primary ones) but it was kind of annoying having Jesus shoved down my throat on a daily basis and people who were just flat out stupid.
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I didn't enjoy school that much. Somedays were better than others, and I made some really good friends. But for the most part I felt left out, and I kept getting in trouble for not finishing homework, and would spend all day being upset about whether I hurt someone's feelings that day! I felt so out of place, but I remember when I was really little I would pretend it was Hogwarts. lol. 3.
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