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How would you rate your relationship with your mother? If dead, vote how it was.

  • 0 - I never knew her so it would be a zero.

    Votes: 8 1.2%
  • 1 - Very bad. We don't or barely talk.

    Votes: 59 8.9%
  • 2 - We argue a lot but at least we talk.

    Votes: 62 9.3%
  • 3 - It gets bad but we manage to work it out.

    Votes: 70 10.5%
  • 4 - We have our ups and down, but we get along fine.

    Votes: 319 47.9%
  • 5 - Excellent. We have a very open relationship. She is or like my best friend.

    Votes: 148 22.2%

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My mum is an ENFJ, and I am an INFP, so aside from being highly emotional and easily hurt, we have nothing else in common. She organises parties and trips out, I hide away in my room to avoid them, she is incredibly organised, files carefully and makes list after list, and I am perfectly happy strewing pieces of paper across the floor and living in an organised tip. I can cope with her for a while and thenl I explode from the need to be alone and to be myself, and we argue, then eventually come to a fragile truce. We don't understand each other, or at least she can't understand me, but we can occasionally be more or less friendly.
81 - 82 of 82 Posts
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