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No, that wasn't the question. If someone you respected spontaneously approached you at this moment and asked you to list five features about yourself, what would you say? I'm aware that we share some characteristics, but I'm curious as to what you all would emphasize. Would you be confident enough to say you're an evil genius? Or would you be modest? The order doesn't necessarily matter.
Hm. I often leave that part to others - it gets somewhat humourous when you hear how others interpret our features. I have most recently been classified as being the most "unpragmatic" of a group (mostly because I never really like to intervene unless need be.)

5 features. I would likely to undersell because (and I don't want to come off arrogant) is that anyone who asks me on this, it is apparent that they do not know me or worked with me.

Projected foresight, Resilient/tenacious, Detached, widely-read, pragmatic.
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