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Greetings, gentle sirens and sires. Since I saw other threads pay brief lip service to some introductory procedure, I feel inclined to do the same. I just discovered this site a few days ago after spending a couple weeks on the intpforum. Just thought I'd see what you fine folks are all about on this side of the pond.
Mm.. I'm not one for long, formal introductions, so I will just say that I picked up interest in mbti as a casual curiosity and I feel it's been useful, as a yardstick, in providing a picture of my psychological tendencies and paving an avenue for fuller more engaged relationships... blah blah blah. Sometimes I wonder how I can tolerate thinking so much when I hear myself talk.
Anyhow, look forward to acquainting myself with the community and maybe even tasting a little Kool-aid.

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