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How's this for a SWEET job!?

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The official title is "Senior Transmission Specialist". I am basically a glorified maintenance man. But, when I say glorified, hells ya I mean it! The meat and potatoes of the job is maintaining television and radio broadcasting tower sites around the country. So this means I have to keep air systems running smoothly; tune 50,000 watt transmitters; replace tubes; dissect, troubleshoot and fix electronics; cut trees with chainsaws; use hovercrafts to move around stuff; engineer and create systems to make them work the way I need it. I'm given nearly unlimited resources, total freedom, 7 hour days (food and breaks can be done during those 7 hours whenever we want if we want, sometimes you just get caught up in work) on a very good salary... man, I feel like I won a lottery or something.

Funny thing is, they administered an electronics exam as a pre-requisite for the job. I knew what a resistor and transistor did, but that was about it. Apparently most electronics people coming out of university fail this thing, I was pretty blank on most of the stuff, but I tried to figure out the most logical solution for everything, winged the test, and BOOM got myself a sweeeeeeeet job! :D

I know a crapload about electronics after my 3 months of work. I was completely honest about never going to post secondary and REALLY surprised them. Apparently it took them 2 years to searching to find me. :)

The guys I work with are all geniuses, it's a nice change.
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Congrats and welcome, whomever you are.
Lucky duck:crazy:.
I haven't found an ENTP not be able to do anything if they put their heart to it. Trust me, any job WILL get boring OVER TIMEbut I hope that doesn't discourage you in fact strengthen you up. When working, find a way to entertain yourself and you would do fine! Good Luck, you lucky *bleep* because I can't even get a job.
Congrats. Sounds pretty cool. Sounds like a lot of opportunity to figure out improvements on their systems. If you get bored, you can rig up a way to insert subliminal messages in the transmitters.
I identified the lead technician as an ENTP immediately. Like a 55 year old, einstein type who can tell you everything about anything, if you wanna hear it. He's hilarious! We get along pretty awesome, I've been improving some of his designs, and he's been teaching me a shitload.

So ya, sorry about the bragging :blushed: Just super excited and wanna share my happiness :crazy:
Congratulations. It sounds exciting. Especially the hovercraft part.
Can you score me some free cable or long distance?
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