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Humor? Humor? Anyone?

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Is humor connected with a certain group of MBTI types? Lettus find out, shall we?? (And, yes, "lettus" was intentionally misspelled for the sake of ironic not-related-to-the-subject purposes.)

Make a tally of how many you laugh (chuckle, grin) at.

1. I love animals; they taste great.

2. The gene pool can use a little chlorine...

3. Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

4. Haste cuisine: Fast French food.

5. "Mommy, mommy! When are we going to have Aunt Edna for dinner?"
" Shut up! You haven't finished your grandmother yet!"

6. "Mommy! Why are we pushing the car off the cliff??"
"Shut up! You'll wake your father!"

7. I don't concider you a vulture, I concider you something a vulture would eat.

8. Let's play house... you be the door, and I'll slam you.

9. Woman are like computers because as soon as you buy one, a better one is presented right around the corner.

10. What's the fastest way to a woman's heart? ... An ax.

11. How do you get 50 dead babies into a bathtub? ... A blender.

12. How do you get them out again? ... Nachos.

13. How do you save a baby from drowning? ... Take your foot off it's head.

Yes, the jokes became crueller as you went on, that was intentional. How many did you laugh at (if any)? Did you eminate a chuckle? A diminuitive grin? Was all this humor wasted on you? Which did you find humorus and which just made you want to cry? Write down your reactions and your MBTI type; perhaps we'll find a connection.
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I am an ISTJ and 1, 2, 5 & 9-13 made me chuckle however puns are my favorite.
lols I liked them all except for 9, 10 which I'm sure speaks volumes that I can't hear :frustrating: ... 6, 11 and 12 were my favs which had me actually loling out loud oh my! :tongue:
I don't really think jokes in that format are particularly funny (stand-up, comedy panel shows, bizarre sitcoms, etc. are preferred) although dead babies = guaranteed funny every time. I remember one from primary school that we all got a good laugh at.

What do you sing when you put a baby in a microwave (or something to that effect)? Buuuuurn baby burn!

*nostalgic chuckle*
I don't think any types are more likely to have a sense of humour, but I do think they all have different tastes.
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ISFJ, and 2, 3, 7 where the only ones that vaguely amused me...most of them I found pretty mediocre. (I don't enjoy cruel humor.)
I didn't particularly enjoy any of them, but if I smiled at any it would be 6...
I was only amused by 5. I'm an INFP by the way.
I smiled at 1. :happy: Then it went downhill for me...

I know you all have your little stereotypical schema of an ENFP, but for me it's 11, 12, and especially 13.
INTP, 2,3,9,10.
But they most certainly weren't hilarous, sorry.
The ones that mad me grin were:
2- I like one liners like that.
4- Yay puns.
separately 5 and 6 are okay but together makes it funnier to me. Consistency I guess.
11,12,13- I'm not proud.
Perhaps I do have a dark side, after all: I guffawed at the dead baby jokes.

If I hadn't seen all these jokes a million times before I may have laughed, but I only cracked a smile at a few because I remembered the first time I read them/heard them. :sad:

I'm normally the type that will laugh at anything... All the spoof movies and slapstick comedy, LOVE THEM... Who is the loudest person laughing in the theater during a good comedy? Me! It's just if I hear it more than three times it seems like it's lost it's effect on me. :crying:
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Good - 3, 1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
Bad - 2, 4, 12, 13
Ugly - 7, 11,

3 was the only one I enjoyed, 5 and 8 moderately so
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