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He's clearly extroverted. He uses his senses more than guessing about something. He's clearly more feeling driven. He comes off as a spontaneous, spur of the moment kid, i.e. doesn't plan things out well :p
Kurapika- ISFJ
Kurapika's definitely more reserved, an introvert. He's a very sensible person and takes facts into account, although i definitely see him using his insight a lot, I think he prefers facts over guesses. He clearly has a lot strong emotions that dominate his psyche and motives. He prefers to have a plan instead of jumping into something, hence Judgement.
Killua- INFJ
He is reserved. I see him preferring intuition and guesses when in battle. For an assassin, he definitely has a lot of feelings, and that makes me think he's more of feeling person. He definitely likes to plan his moves instead of jumping into something spontaneously.
Leorio- ENFP
Definitely an extravert. He makes a lot of bold guesses and moves, intuition. He's very emotional, feeling. He doesn't put a lot of foresight into his actions from what i see, he seems to make a lot of spur of the moment decisions.
That's all lol

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Gon - ESFJ
It's debated a lot whether Gon is an ESFP or an ESFJ. I think he's an ESFJ for the following reasons:
- First, it's obvious Gon is a prominent feeler, but the question is which function: Fi or Fe? I say he's Fe. Fi usually cares about a select number of individuals while Fe cares more about people as a whole. Gon has repeatedly shown that he cares about more than those closest to him (Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio). Some examples include when he dove off the ship to save that shipdeck cleaner, when he figured out a way to have everyone (even Tompa) pass the 3rd phase of the Hunter exam, and when he saves Ponzu (the bee girl) from the snake-infested cave. He feels a general love towards everyone, unless proven otherwise. Hence he is an Fe-dominant, ESFJ.
- Second, Gon tends to stick to what works for him, which is an Si trait. As an ESFJ this would be his auxiliary function. Some examples include his time at Heaven's Arena. On the 200th floor he uses the same tile-flipping method 3 times in a row to overwhelm his opponent. He also does a similar thing with his "Jajanken" move. He find something effective for him and runs with it. Hence ESFJ's Si.
- Lastly for an ESFJ are Ne (3rd) & Ti (4th). As previously mentioned Gon uses the same methods or moves multiple times. However, Gon uses his Ne (possibilities) to ever-so-slightly vary these methods in order to keep his opponents guessing. In the Heavens Arena arc he simply flips the tile the 1st time, flips and throws the tile the 2nd time, and flips and breaks the tile the 3rd time. He also establishes a similar system with the "Jajanken," having options of rock, paper, and scissors. Finally, as Gon grows throughout his journey we see that he develops his Ti some, especially when he meets Nobunaga and the Phantom Troop. He begins seeing that not everyone is good and worth his time and kindness; that he can subjectively (Ti) pick and choose those who truly need his help. (Also he's not the brightest the crayon in the box haha).

Killua - ISTP
Killua's type is also debated a lot, because his character is inconsistent at times, but for the most part I believe he's an ISTP. Here's why:
- ISTP's dominant function is Ti, which is fiercely independent and subjectively-concerned. Killua doesn't mind being alone and has been for basically all of his life. He doesn't have any friends until Gon and he's not close with any of his family members except maybe his grandpa. He hates the expectation put on him to take over the family business and just wants to make his own decisions and get away from his gloomy home. Killua is also logical, but only through subjective reasoning or what is most logical and beneficial for him. (He is also to-the-point.) He wants to figure out what's best for him, but hasn't been given the opportunity to go out and find what that is. That leads me to the next function, Se.
- ISTP's 2nd function is Se, which is hands-on, sight-seeking, and aesthetic-leaning. The first time we're introduced to Killua he is carrying a skateboard, a physical tool for seeing places, and he's at the Hunter Exam solely because he wants to experience something new. When he mets Gon, he not only finds a new face to connect with, but a new way to experience different sights and sensations. That's why he is content with just following Gon on his path until he can find his own. (Also he and Gon definitely vibe because their first and last functions are opposite of each other.) Further support of Se would be Killua's fashionable style. He's not flashy, but he makes sure to pay attention to his appearance. (i.e. Heaven's Arena arc clothes).
- ISTP's tertiary function is Ni, or what some call seeing without seeing. There are a few occasions, even before he learns Nen, where Killua's intuition warns him of something that he doesn't actually see or know.
- ISTP's last function is Fe, a general concern for and connection to people. Since Killua has been forced to focus purely on his training as an assassin and inheritor of the family business, he hasn't been afforded time to think about his goals and purpose. As Killua befriends Gon he becomes more and more aware of his Fe, which helps him connect to his true purpose and meaning. He realizes that instead of killing people for a living he can help protect people so they can live. Examples of this include Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Zushi, Knov, Morel, the people of East Gorteau, especially Alluka, and even Illumi. Remember that Killua could have killed Illumi when he was pursuing him and Alluka. He could of used any wish on him, however Killua opted instead to merely transport him away. Killua realizes (Ti) that his assassin skills (Se) are best served to protect his friends and those weaker than him (Fe).

*Sidenote: Just because we can hear Killua pondering his feelings doesn't mean he thinks a lot about his feelings. We are just privy to those moments as the audience. That is my argument against him being an Fe over an Fi.

Kurapika - INFJ
I think most people agree that Kurapika is an INFJ, so I won't do a full breakdown. I'll just summarize. INFJ's dominant function, Ni, is apparent in how Kurapika can figure things out a lot faster than anyone else in the room. A perfect example is the bodyguard test to get out of the mansion. She quickly realized the assailants were Nen dummies and honed in on the one controlling them. Her 3rd function, Ti also relates to her ability to assess and find the most essential info/solution. With her Ti and Fe she is able to explain things logically and clearly. And needless to say her 2nd function, Fe, is apparent in her love for her people, the Kurta Clan, and her compulsion to avenge them.

Leorio - ESTJ
Honestly I don't love Leorio as a character, (probably because he's not too deep / really developed), so I won't be breaking him down. I'll just say that I think he's an ESTJ. Some say ESFJ, but I think he's too selfish for that, except for a select few that he deeply cares about. So definitely Fi over Fe. Also I believe Te fits better. One aspect of his Te is when he gets really upset about injustices he sees. A great example is when he yells at and punches Ging when he doesn't care to go and see Gon in critical care. Te is very black and white and direct. So yeah probably an ESTJ.

That's all I can do for now. Hopefully I can get around to the other ones soon. I'll leave with this though. Hisoka is 100% an ESTP.
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