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hyello hyello hyello

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hello! :)

i don't really know how forums work because they seem super complicated but i joined this one because i have a passion for theories of personality like mbti and enneagram!

i'm an isfj 1w2 (tritype 126) sp/so scoan + socionics type eii

this might change up a bit becuase i'm not sure if i'm an isfj or just an esfj who is quieter,,

so uh! not really sure what else to say other than this place seems cool and have an amazing day :)
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Hello mitka welcome to the PersonalityCafe. Thank you and I hope your day goes amazing as well!
Welcome to the forum!

We don't have nearly enough xsfj's here. I hope you stay around for a while.
hi Mitka and welcome.
Just look around and it will become clear to you how it's all organised. It's not that complicated. Just type something ;-)
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