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One of the supporting characters in a story I'm writing is an INFJ, and I would very much appreciate some help if you wouldn't mind...

Imagine you just finished studying and have decided to travel the country (maybe even the world) for a while.
Imagine that mutant abilities are possible in this world.
Imagine that you have one.
Imagine that your gift is the ability to communicate with animals telepathically.
Imagine that most of these telepathic communications aren't so much dialogue and mental conversations, as they are giving animals a conviction (such as to feeling not threatened by another animal's presence, and/or want to help keep you safe if you're in danger). Any self-consciousness about being manipulative imposing your will on animals is to an extent, counter-balanced by genuine concern for their well-being and a self-confidence that you can take care of the animals around you and avoid unnecessary conflict.

What pet(s) would you have and why?

Don't feel pressured to give "the best" answer, only what you might be inclined to go for. Practicality, personal taste and favourite animals, novelty, whatever. You decide.

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