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I’m not miserable or disgusted most of the time…I just look like I am!

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My blank face for some reason comes across as a sort of scowl. If I’m not smiling at you…I’m most likely giving you a dirty look! NOT a good thing… I have so many stories I could tell…
I like to think I've come to accept it...I just can't make a neutral facial expression no matter how hard I try. I've learned to just fake smile A LOT to help other people feel comfortable.

Anyways…my face hurts! Anyone else relate? Is this an INFP thing? Or… is it maybe just a general introvert thing?? :unsure:
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I think it might simply vary from person to person. I myself have a pretty much emotionless neutral expression that I wear most of the time, to the extent that I have trouble smiling even when it's genuine. It ends up looking like I'm grimacing. :mellow: Or at least if it's a smile showing teeth... I do a pretty good impression of the Mona Lisa smile
That's how it is for me. I'm just going along, minding my own business, in a good mood usually, and someone comes along and what's to know what's wrong with me. I've been asked that consistently by numerous people, just because of my face in it's neutral state. :dry: Or they tell me I need to smile. Wth... I'm not going to force a smile just to make other people more comfortable with my freaking face, ha. And yeah, smiling a lot does make my face hurt.
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I know the feeling. My standard face expression is a very solemn look, my mouth tends to frown too like I am miserable. This happens most during contemplation or introspection where I may be happy or perfectly content at that particular time. I've got used to humouring people when they tell me to smile at these points.

This is in opposition of course to the times where I may be in fantasyland and grinning like a complete idiot.
Yes, I have this same rather expressionless face. Even when happy I sound and look like Droopy "I am so happy"

People sometimes ask if I am angry or grumpy. But I am not, I am just.... me

The only one that can blast that shell to smithereens and get a real lifelike reaction out of me is my gf.
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I had a good laugh at my own expense on Friday. I was surrounded by reflective monitors at work and for the first time ever, I caught my 'thought' face. It was not a pretty sight. In fact, I looked like a slapped arse :crazy:

No wonder people always ask "What the hell is wrong with you?" when I'm deep in thought.
Yeah, my neutral face looks pretty angry. And I'm not smiling even when I think I am sometimes... must make people feel uncomfortable ^^;
Yeah, me too!
People always think I'm sad/lost/upset...
I even had a professor write on my paper one time that I always look bored or disgusted.
Anyway, maybe it is an INFP or introvert thing?
It probably comes from living in your head.
Yeahhh, I can relate. People are always asking me why I'm so "angry," and I have no idea where they get it from. Apparently when I'm in deep thought I look quite serious, though.
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Maybe I should just start telling people that... Dude, I'm fine. I'm not going to force a smile just to make you more comfortable with my face! Haha...that would be great. :laughing:
Or they tell me I need to smile. Wth... I'm not going to force a smile just to make other people more comfortable with my freaking face, ha.
ROFL! That's so funny!
I even had a professor write on my paper one time that I always look bored or disgusted.
I also have heard fairly often (especially from my mother) that I look like I'm upset about something when I'm just making a neutral face. It sucks that my mom tells me that though because now when I'm listening to someone else in conversation I'm afraid I look disinterested or uncomfortable, so I voluntarily try to adjust my facial expression and the whole thing probably just looks forced and awkward. It's kinda like when some other thing that should be involuntary like blinking or breathing crosses your mind and then you can't help but to start voluntarily overblinking or breathing at a weird rate because you've taken it out of involuntary control.

Sometimes I try to fake a smile to be polite, but I feel like people can usually tell the difference between a fake and genuine smile so I don't like to do it often. Actually a former co-worker of mine used to tell me all the time that I should be a model because I'm tall and I never smile. (I guess those are the main qualifications for being a model?)
People ALWAYS tell me I look angry or ask if I'm mad. If I'm really mentally stressed, I tend to notice that my jaw is sore because I'm clenching it.

Although it seems like most of you are cool with looking angry, if you're an a situation where you want to look a little friendlier, try thinking about something like puppies or kittens or pretend the other person is one of your really good friends (or an adorable puppy). It helps me relax a little bit and look less stern.
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