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I am a horrible student. Please help.

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Yeah, so here's the deal. I am an ENTP, and we tend to be procrastinators. Well, I'm just bad with schoolwork in general.

2nd grade - was ahead of my class, so I did nothing all year but eat ice cream
4th grade - actually had to do work, had 15 or so late papers at a time
High School - barely did any homework, and still got a 3.5 b/c I'm good at tests.

Here's the problem: Now I'm in college and it actually matters to do your homework. (well, it's my 2nd year, but my first year was at my comm college so I breezed through that no problem) I just can't sit down, open my books and spirals, and actually do the work.

Now a lot of you would say, just put some limits on yourself, dedicate a time slot, set an alarm to do it, blabity blah, and generally, I can do the work every once in a while. However, it is just really really hard to get down to it.

Let me tell you, when I really do like something (or am getting paid for it) I really do try at least 89% . I became a manager in less than 2 years and became the best seller (besides my boss) the place had ever had. (I'm not just bragging, everyone said this, even the ex-owner). I'm very good at absorbing new information and do a good job applying it. I'm working on a poetry book and am having a really good habit keeping at it. I did my own research for a book critique, take notes, and am also writing a manuscript for that. I am learning how to fence and giving it my best. I learn skills very quickly and can apply them (I like to learn martial arts.)


I simply can't do the menial little things that would only take 30 or less min to do that's worth cumulatively 20% of the grade.

I seriously don't know what to do now, b/c it's starting to kick in. It seems very simple to fix, but I wonder if maybe I should just take a different route. I'm pretty sure this is just a severe case of bright person, bad student.

Any sort of input is appreciated.
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You gotta get a schedule. That will make or break you. I need a better one myself, and I think we both have the same problem. You should seriously check into outside help, like a study group or something. I would talk to a counselor or someone asap since you already know what the problem is. That is what they are there for. A study group would change your grade, and you would have others to help you show up to study. Kinda hard to do anything but study if that is what everyone else is doing.
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