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I Am A Thinking Type

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There seems to remain a confusion of what types are actually sensing, intuiting, thinking and feeling. Let’s recap ISTPs are not sensing types, they’re thinking types. INTJs are not thinking types, they’re intuiting types, ENFPs are not feeling types they’re intuiting types as well. Remember Jung says:
Accurate investigation of the individual case consistently reveals the fact that, in conjunction with the dominant function, another function of secondary importance and therefore inferior in consciousness is constantly present and is a -- relatively determining factor.
Determining only in that my Se auxiliary function is what makes me distinctively different than INTP, INTJ from INFJ, ENFP from ENTP etc. But we are still ruled by the most differentiated function, which is dominant. Again Jung explains:
Absolute sovereignty always belongs, empirically, to one function alone, and can belong only to one function, because the equally independent intervention of another function would necessarily produce a different orientation which, partially at least, would contradict the first.
Here is a breakdown:





When ENTP/INTJs focus on their secondary function, they’re generally making claims that are exaggerated. For a highly extraverted ENTP, an equally high introverting ISFJ or INFJ may have better use of their Ti at the tertiary function. For INTJs with a high orientation to introversion a highly extraverted ENFP or ESFP may have better use of their Te.

The New York Association for Analytical Psychology defines Jung’s auxiliary function as “A helpful second or third function, according to Jung's model of typology, that has a co-determining influence on consciousness.” Granted the third function cannot be the auxiliary since it does defy Jung’s principle that the secondary function must be different in all aspects than the dominant (i.e., dominant introverting and perceiving = auxiliary extraverting judging and vice-versa).
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In this little N-fested hell hole, I think people automatically hone in the "S" part of any type with "S" in it...whether it's the dom function or not. But yes, ISTPs (and ESTJs) are just as thinking-oriented as INTPs/ENTJs.
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I agree the dominant function is sovereign and therefore any style of thought process is ultimately determined by your dominant function rather than S vs N and F vs T stuff. Take a look at the iNtuiting types, isn't it interesting that I find I have more of an affinity with these types even though we are very different. Dominant Ne and Ni is kind of our private N penthouse suite where we know each other pretty well and can be quite comfy together, like an N orgy...(hmm..) :laughing: I'm sure I don't feel this affinity with other groups and I'm pretty sure the same applies to the other groups too. Would be interesting to see what others think about their own groups.
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