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my result was ENFP until I did other test with my friend and my T was very high.
I will not talk about why I am an ENFP ? I will talk why am not ?

( I am new in this so I don't really if what write relateto this or not. )

When some of my old friends talk about me in my childhood they talk about how much I hurt them or how I was " Cocky" ( I didn't know I was like that really ). My avarege mark in school ( when I was 9 ) is 99.8% . I have full mark in math without study ( my favorite subject even so I hate to study ) . One of my friend want to have a very good mark in some of subject I said to her I couldn't get it so U will not get that mark. She get mad and I lose one of my friend ( She's an INFP ) . I lose other friend who I really care about because of my selfish reasons. When you will see me U will think that I don' care because for me having friend is easy. but I really care about my friends but I really didn't understand why they were angry I was honest with them It was true
( this my thought when I was 9 years old )

I think from then I start to developed my F. Try to not hurt people make myself care about others sad when they sad happy when they happy ( I know that is fake because other don't affect me that much ) or make my self innocent more like an ENFP. I really care about my close friends I don't want to lose them anymore. but with some of my really close friend you will notice that I hurt them sometime ( OR when I am having fun I don't care much about people so I can make harsh comment on them I have more fun like that I don't know why maybe I am evi ?? l ) . One of my close friend want to hug me ( she hurt me when she did that ) and I was like " Are u trying to slap me or something ? " ( my first line after not see each other for a really long time ) ,,,,, I don't think ENFP will say something like that specially when come to HUGS.

I also don't care about people give me attention. I am more interesting in them. more then them interesting in me ( I don't know if I said this right )

So is this normal for ENFP ? or I am not an ENFP ? IF it's so What my TYPE ?

( I am not really that good in english but there is no Forum to ask about my problems in my Language so sorry if my english is bad )

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Well, let me start off by saying that tests don't personally know you. Personality tests are simply made for you to get a rough idea of what your type may be. The rest requires introspection and ultimately getting to know yourself.

I'm not sure if the above situations really relate to your personality type. And don't worry, I'm sure you're not evil. :laughing:

Well, everyone needs their space, so it makes sense if you don't want to hug someone. I'm not really fond of hugs, myself.

But if you really want to decide between ENTP and ENFP, I suggest you look at cognitive functions. Here's a good site: Understanding the Eight Jungian Cognitive Processes / Eight Functions Attitudes

Basically, the difference between the two is that an ENTP will use introverted thinking (Ti) and an ENFP will use introverted feeling (Fi). I have posted descriptions of both below. I know the chunk of text is kind of big, but if you can grasp it, you should be able to figure out which one you are. :tongue:

Introverted Thinking (Ti) often involves finding just the right word to clearly express an idea concisely, crisply, and to the point. Using introverted Thinking is like having an internal sense of the essential qualities of something, noticing the fine distinctions that make it what it is and then naming it. It also involves an internal reasoning process of deriving subcategories of classes and sub-principles of general principles. These can then be used in problem solving, analysis, and refining of a product or an idea. This process is evidenced in behaviors like taking things or ideas apart to figure out how they work. The analysis involves looking at different sides of an issue and seeing where there is inconsistency. In so doing, we search for a “leverage point” that will fix problems with the least amount of effort or damage to the system. We engage in this process when we notice logical inconsistencies between statements and frameworks, using a model to evaluate the likely accuracy of what’s observed.

It is often hard to assign words to the values used to make introverted Feeling (Fi) judgments since they are often associated with images, feeling tones, and gut reactions more than words. As a cognitive process, it often serves as a filter for information that matches what is valued, wanted, or worth believing in. There can be a continual weighing of the situational worth or importance of everything and a patient balancing of the core issues of peace and conflict in life’s situations. We engage in the process of introverted Feeling when a value is compromised and we think, “Sometimes, some things just have to be said.” On the other hand, most of the time this process works “in private” and is expressed through actions. It helps us know when people are being fake or insincere or if they are basically good. It is like having an internal sense of the “essence” of a person or a project and reading fine distinctions among feeling tones.
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