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People accuse me all the time of being too general and that my ideas lack evidence to prove that they are valid or correct.

But what they fail to realize is that, while having evidence and a convincing argument is completely valid, it is not the only method for instilling a new idea into someone else and having them accept it.

When people criticize me for not having evidence or being too vague and general with my ideas, they're basically saying that I am a bad salesman of ideas.

And they're right, I am a bad salesman.

After all, look at what a salesman does.

He goes door to door, offering his product to people one by one while rambling off a list of valid reasons why the person should buy it.

And then the person has to decide whether to buy it or decline it.

but I'm not trying to be a salesman.

I do not expect people to respond positively or immediately to what I have to say.

Of course, not everyone responds positively to vauge statements that lack evidence or proof, and that's understandable.

I could care less.

If I were to provide evidence for my ideas and opinions to prove that they were true, that would imply that I wanted to ensure that my ideas have a greater chance of being accepted by people.

but that isn't a goal of mine, I don't know what's best for each individual person so I'm not going to force them to believe something I believe.

I know what has been best for me in the past and I have educated guesses as to what will be best for me in the future

I can only assume that what has been best for me could potentially also be what's best for someone else, whoever that may be.

I say my ideas for whoever will listen.

I don't care if I actually make an impact in the world, all I care about is that I at least tried.

And even if I don't make a difference, it's still good for me to say my thoughts out loud.

There really is no downside for me.

I am not a salesman of ideas.

I am a johnny appleseed of ideas.

I go around planting seeds of thought throughout society.

My only goal is to put ideas into peoples heads.

Not so they can think about it as soon as I pass the knowledge onto them.

but so they can take this vague, unfinished idea I've given to them and think about it after they've had the time necessary to flesh it out and complete it with their own experiences and thoughts over time and made the idea their own.

Because for some, if not most ideas there is no one size fits all convincing argument no matter how much evidence you pile on top of it.

I'm not trying to lead a herd of mindless people, who just accept pre-built ideas, and get them all to believe what I have to say no matter what.

I'm trying to get people to think for themselves, even if they disagree with me in the process

and I've been doing so most of my life without knowing it.

Whether it be starting new music trends within my friends through swaying the opinions of the social leaders among them.

or purposefully mentioning something meant for someone spectating the conversation to overhear.

That is how I go about projecting my vision of the world onto the world.

If you present a pre-built idea to me with nothing for me to contemplate over, I will have trouble accepting it.

That is just the equivalent of saying "just take my word for it".

Every major change I've ever made with myself has followed this pattern:

I overhear something said by someone that sticks out in my mind

I mull over the topic for a variable amount of time, maybe a few minutes, maybe a few years.

I reflect this idea that I have obtained off of my own life before finally realizing a final change that must be made within myself.

If I can potentially do the same for someone else, that's all I want to do.

I don't even care if I see evidence of a change within them later on.

I tried to make a difference and that's all that matters to me.

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Hah. Reminds me of the time when I was thought of ''being insecure in real life'' by a few narcissistic ''thinkers'' just because I wanted to share a few ideas for the sake of sharing.
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