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In any theory, in the end the fact stays the same. We are a part of the universe, we think and we feel. We exist as universal beings with potential to do more with this existence each day.

So whether you continue to believe it was religion or evolution, we are simply separating ourselves from each other with different beliefs. There is a way to defeat the shadow of the self, and turn the self into a more confident place, in the mind.

There is growth one way or another if one has a listening ear. I keep my mind open to both sides. I see evolution in people every day, along with unexplainable events.

So which one are you leaning towards, evolution or religion?

There is a choice to be created with a simple movement of the hand, and a process of thought turning to belief or opinion.

Expand the consciousness for awareness.

Let the world as a whole build trust, upon strength and care.

Let love grow.
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