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How would an author describe you in a book? Write the paragraph that would introduce you in a novel.

I’m just gonna use this to introduce myself lol-
I’m an 18F in university studying engineering and business, I’m into reading, sports, tv/film, fashion, and art. I’m an ENTP on the MBTI, but I’ve had trouble identifying my enneagram, I’ve been typed as a 5w4, 3w4, 8w7 and sometimes a 7w8. I’m pretty sure my instinctual variants are sp/sx but I’m not 100% on it. Appreciate anyone’s time here thanks!

2. Think over the past day or week and make a mental list (you can also write it here) of ways other people have annoyed, angered, or otherwise bothered you - any situation where people have done one thing, while you wished they would have done another. Look at each of these instances and answer (you can make a list or make note of general patterns - an example is good):

When people ask things of me
I don’t understand people’s logic
Being taught a way that doesn’t work and forced to use it
Being forced to do things in general

a. How would I characterize the trait that bothered me? -me finding error in others ways, being forced into things, feeling pressured
b. Why did it bother me? -I felt like I could make better choices than those around me, didn’t like having to follow orders
c. How did I react?
Sometimes I called people out, other times I sat back because I saw it as a waste of energy/ unnecessary risk to get involved
d. How do I wish I would have reacted?-not sure
e. If there was a discrepancy between c. and d., why did it come up?

3. What holds you back in life? This can be an internal or external force. If that thing were gone, what would be different? What would you do?
My lack of consistency and the way others perceive me. My jack of all trades mentality keeps me moving on from one idea/hobby/subject to the next and I seem to drop things as soon as they no longer hold any interest to me or I’ve fully understood it. This nature leads people to perceive me with certain expectations, which I both strongly dislike and feel the need to go against and strive to maintain this image, kind of creating a contradiction that makes it hard for me to make choices.

4. Your deepest secret has just been revealed to the person or people from whom you most wished to keep it. How do you feel? How do you react? What are the results on your life?
I think this may be one of my worst fears, I wouldn’t know how to do myself as I fear it would uproot my life. It would take a lot, but I would force myself to keep going about my days as they were and keep my pride and face it head on/ try to do damage control as much as possible.

5. You are offered one of three gifts: a bottle filled with water from the Fountain of Life, a crown which will give you peaceful dominion over the world's people for your entire (full) lifetime, and a ring which will unite you with your true love and ensure a happy, passionate marriage. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?

I would take the bottle because to me, being here eternally puts me in charge of my own life and I get to decide how much of life I get to experience and learn for myself.

6. You are offered one of three houses. The first is located in a big city and has historic and artistic value: it was designed by a great architect and was owned by interesting people in the past. Owning this house is very prestigious and guarantees you social status and a circle of friends, but it also comes with responsibility - you must keep the house up to code, manage the household, and give parties and events. The second house you may design using your imagination - literally your dream house - it is located in a very secluded location and no one is allowed to visit this house except you and your immediate family. The third house is very nice, but has no particular aesthetic appeal - a McMansion in short. It is in an extremely convenient location and is very secure. It is impossible for thieves to break in and it has no danger of natural disasters. You are guaranteed to be able to sell the house for double the price in twenty years. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?
I like house two- I would not enjoy the upkeep with house one it seems like a waste of time, house three seems to be to boring. I like the house because it gives me complete artistic freedom to do what I would like with it.

7. You are offered one of three doors. The first opens to a world that is dangerous and demands mental or physical skill to navigate through, but also has great rewards to be gained: think of the worlds portrayed on the shows Game of Thrones or Supernatural. The second opens to a world that is full of wonders, magic, and knowledge, which can be learned or experienced, but there is little solid resting ground - think of the worlds portrayed in the shows Doctor Who or in the multi-media phenomenon A Hitchkiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The third opens to a world where you may experience a life of peaceful, uneventful poverty - think of the hobbits in the series Lord of the Rings or most of the animals living in Narnia. Which do you choose and why? What are your hesitations and motivations?

I think I would choose the second door- to me life isn’t about sitting still, we live to experience and learn and take everything this world has to offer for us.

8. What do you wish people understood about you? Talk about a time you were misunderstood.

I can’t help but lie- it’s almost become a second nature to me. I feel I’m misunderstood to everyone but to no fault of their own- I appear a diffrent person to everyone I meet, to stop the act would be to make myself vulnerable and put myself at a disadvantage.

9. What do you hope people won't notice about you? What are you uncomfortable being teased about?

I don’t mind being teased about most things, but I really don’t appreciate being spoken about behind my back as I don’t really care as much as about what they say so much as that fact that they aren’t even able to say it to my face.

10. What's worse - to be seen as caring more than you do or less than you do? Why? Do you think you come across one way or the other? Do you typically pretend to care more or to care less?

I always pretend to care way less than I really do so when I let down, it doesn’t come of to others that I failed, it just looks like something I can brush under the rug and move on from even if it meant a lot to me.

11. Think about a time that someone else tried to control your actions - to tell you what to do, to manipulate you, or influence you. How did you feel and how did you react? What went through your mind?

I don’t react well to being told what to do. I often find myself questioning established authority, I don’t hesitate to speak out if I see an issue as to how to they run things/ want me to operate.

12. When you first meet someone, what are your first thoughts? What judgments do you make and what kinds of considerations do you have? Are you more concerned with what they think of you or what you think of them? If you are preparing to meet someone new, what do you hope about them and what do you fear about them?
I’m pretty quick to asses someone based on first impressions, my first interaction is normally more focused on reading them and adjusting the interaction based on my perceptions. Later on I make evaluations on what kind of person they are, I think I always secretly hope to find someone like me who understands me as a person, and I get a little let down when I realize I can’t find that.

13. Think about the last time you cried (if you've recently lost a loved one or gone through another similarly difficult experience, you can go back further and choose a random instance). What caused this? Who was around? Were you crying out of sadness, joy, frustration, or some other factor? How did you feel afterwards? Did it change anything? Is this typical for you?
Last time was a while ago, I cried was after I made a mistake and I got scared it would derail the future I’ve laid out for myself. I completely lashed out at my parents and I regret it now, but I was just so burnt out of living up to peoples impossible expectations of me in every facet of life and I was tired of pretending to do it all with ease and act like it took me nothing. I’m not someone who breaks down easily, maybe one bad instance once every few years, but when I do it seems to be centers around expectations/ being forced into choices.

14. Think about the last time you felt really happy, joyful, or satisfied. What caused this feeling? What was different? What keeps you from feeling this way all the time?

Making a breakthrough on a big project- this feeling of achievement after lots of hard work was very gratifying, I often drop a project hallways through so the feeling of seeing something this far through and it succeeding was very special to me

15. If you were a tragic hero, what would be your fatal flaw? If you were a character in a comedy, what would be your distinguishing trait (i.e. stingy with money, fastidious, shallow, pretentious, etc.) Do you think others would agree with these?
Tragic hero: not to sure lol
Comedy: probably a little pretentious, overconfident, and two faced.

17. a. Imagine meeting an evil version of yourself - your 'dark side' - and describe this person.
She’s put so many masks she no longer has an identity. She’s been everything and everyone, and still she hasn’t found what she’s really looking for. She’s manipulative to her core and uses other people on whatever whims come to her in the moment.
b. Describe your ideal self.
She adaptable, successful, someone who is able to create a friend in everyone and an opportunity out of nothing. She knows who she is but is open to new ideas and experiences and never turns down a challenge.

18. What is your experience with and how do you deal with the following:
a. loneliness
I’m not someone who has trouble with loneliness, i can easily pick up a new interest and explore and entertain myself for hours at a time and be happy.
b. doubt
I’m not someone who doubt in their ability, things I tend to doubt more are my feelings/ opinions, they tend to be transient and I’m so open to both sides that I often don’t know what I believe.
c. boredom
I’m not someone who has a lot of downtime, and I wouldn’t say I’m ever truly bored when I do.
d. laziness
While I see myself as lazy, I think I’m the only one who sees me that way. I do a lot, but because of this I’m always looking for easier more convenient ways to complete a task/ get what I want so I come up with shortcuts of sorts to achieve my objective quicker.
e. temper

19. Which of the 'seven deadly sins' - pride, wrath, sloth, envy, lust, gluttony, avarice - do you relate to most and why? Which do you relate to least and why? Feel free to go into depth about these.
I think I feel the most connection to pride or avarice-
I think I’ve always found it easier to define myself by my achievements/talents because they’re easier to understand and less fleeting than morals and emotions to me. I take pride in my skills and I am confident in them, sometimes to a fault. I connect with avarice in the sense that I’m never fully satisfied, I always feel like I need to learn more, experience more, be more.

20. Link a song you relate to and explain why.
Life Itself by Glass Animals. the song follows a character who was told all of their life they were special and brilliant, and they when they don’t live up to these expectations they struggle to find meaning outside these things and just enjoy life and be thankful just because you are you.

ISFP; 6w5-9w8-3w4 sp/so
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Based on your answers, I believe you are a type 3. I'm not confident in my understanding of wings yet.
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