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Hi new guy here who has recently become interested in the MTBI and ive found myself at a problem.

I can't found out whether im an INTP or an ISFP, and i'm of course to assume i can't be both, plus from what i hear the two types are completely indifferent to each other on their basis of values.

Im A BIG THINKER, i overthink almost anything that gets in my head, But at the same time I am a student in a narrative art school (traditional animation to be precise)

I am an extremely logical induvidual who has always excelled at grasping to abstract concepts, and when i was in high school i excelled at all the sciences i took, higher maths, physics, and chemistry - all with very minimal study, im good at finding expressions of lateral thinking.

I strive be able to be precise and as effective as possible when choosing my words to describe complex thoughts to others who have not had the time to think previously or are simply (in the most literal way possible) ignorant on the subject in discussion.

Im an avid learner that listen incredibly intently and learns best with a ver hands on approch. I've always been told that i ask very pertinent questions.

I have a great interest in a very, very large array of subjects. I like to discuss philosopy, the role of politics, aesthetics, physics, math, and subjects i wish to know more about through oral comunication like biology music....
I assure anyone that i would even show great interest in disscussing subjects which are more banal like the role of hello kitty on our every day lives.

Im quite social one on one but i feel i'm at a loss once it becomes a party.
from what i can tell im someone who shows little to no malice to anyone, people ask me if any of the people i work with are nice to me and i honestly have problems seeing people as bad people, but at the same time i have a hard time really opening up to someone until i get to know them better.

im try to relax as much as possible but im quite the serious person inside.
Im always surprised to find people are amazed at what i do even though i always think that my artwork is mediocre and needs much much more work.
I realy think im lazy but others say im a hard worker, i always feel that im being to pushy and overbearing but people say im a joy to be around. How every sometimes i have violent outburst (in a non physical way)

i have many friendly aquantances and very few close friends. I would say that for the most part however i do not go out of my way to get to parties and i go to very few. I trust peoples word but i require much time before i trust them with a level of resposibility.

yet im not just a shut in, i thing that walking plenty is of great importance, for health reasons but also just to be outside for some fresh air, if i can spare the time to walk somewhere instead of public transport then i will prefer to walk.

I like to change but i have problems when other things change. my guess is that i like to adapt to things and once im comfortable with it i move on.

i live of off reinventing what i already do and know, trying to show something complex like realism to some thing simple that gives the impression of realism but is just a few brush strokes

i feel that when i use a brush my characters are soft and light yet heavy with ink and have a hard contrast with the paper underneath, that when i use solid media like graphite i gain in drawing density but lose i fluidity.

i sense that logic improves creativity and grants subtlety.
i have the feeling that the logic behind my drawings are clear and confident and hold substantial self imposed meaning, but the given practical result is always shaky and uncertain. this also shows in how i express myself language wise - im far better at expressing myself orally than written.

I think it requires clarifying that i've never "fit in" i've always made much controversy with others and even when i take my time to explain thing i do find many people just don't follow ,or perhaps agree on what i think.

I also take pride in doing small things for people, to say that its selfless is a logical fallacy but its gets as close as one can be. I do care for those close to me greatly but the notion that family is intrinsically more important than very close acquaintances is foreign to me. I like to entertain the thought that i am very empathetic and sympathetic.

i often get absorbed in the moment, like when i play video games hours on end and when i work on a painting hours on end. Yet i also drift off to the hypothetical incredibly often.

In the case of morals i have the feeling im very neutral and tolerant this can often put me at odds with more passionate individuals.

i've found that despite many attempts to figure certain things out thought pure self absorbed thought some things need to be practiced, like language, drawing, painting, and many other things. I know that its through practice and effective observation that ill get more subtle and precise on my expression of human anatomy i love to overcome a good challenge and work at my current tangible goals.

i like pets, plants and nature but im have no want to take responsibility, i love other peoples pets but i would never bother enough for my own.

I don't know if this fits in the rating system at all but i am intensely sensual IYKWIM

im not even sure i'm INTP or ISFP because i've taken tests that say i'm an extrovert too.
That being said i have a personal feeling im more likely to be intp but i would like a jury to give th final verdict.

for anyone who has read this far thank you for your time.

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Well I have read this and I believe your right about INTP. I chose Intuiting over sensing because I feel that from what you said above you are more creative, imaginative and spontaneous more so then Sensing ( yes you do have some sensing traits but you seem to lean toward Intuiting side.

I definitely would choose Thinking over Feeling for you. You said yourself your a "BIG THINKER" : )

I read the short descriptions of the Myers-Briggs types. From the book "What Type Am I? Discover who you really are?" by Renee Baron.

INTP- Analytical and brilliant. Conceptual problem-solver and original thinker. Idiosyncratic and nonconforming. Values precision in thought and language. Notices inconsistencies, contradictions, and logical flaws in others' thinking. Independent, curious and insightful. Private, aloof and introspective. (This sounds so much like you!)

ISFP- Gentle, loyal and compassionate. Appears reserved and unassuming. Quietly does things for others. Patient, accepting and nonjudgemental. Has a live and let live attitude. Sensitive to conflicts and disagreement. Has little need to dominate or control others.

I also tried ISTP and INFP they didn't sound like you. I your first choice INTP seems to be right!

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thx its great to have a second opinion i agreed with almost all of the INTP archetype but i did feel that it was missing element. I guess its more of a game of not having any contradicting elements than having all "your" elements
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