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If you don't mind, could you explain further.. it would be helpful lol..I know I use Ne a lot, but the way most ENFPs seem..I don't relate. I just don't know if I'm a subdued ENFP or just straight up INFP:crazy:
How do you not relate? By looking in other ENFPs in MBTI forums? in this case I would say you are wrong, you have to keep in mind that many are mistyped, unhealthy and immature. Mostly I dont relate either, I relate to the rest of NF types.

But you have to see what is you personality core? from childhood up to 15 years old I suppose. This is would be your personality core. You can be introverted ENFP and you can be extroverted INFP.

Classify yourself as the descriptions and not by relating yourself to other ENFPs. Keep in mind the descriptions in , and MBTI posters, are wrong and not more than a bunch of generalizations or just describe a certain type of ENFP (very limited,many false info).
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