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I'm horrible with introductions (and first impressions) so I do apologize if this seems a bit all over the place and I ramble...

I can't remember if I signed up for this site when I was younger but ah well I've been getting tired of the constant lurking and if I HAVE signed up previously I promise that I will remain all active and whatnot on this account so that I don't come off as an uber lurker who just ends up stealing all awesome usernames...

Ok soooo more about me...this would be so much easier if I could figure out how to describe myself. I'm 18 years old, currently in my last few months of high school, I'm very active in sports, I love to read and debate and all that jazz...

I really doubt you guys want to know all this crap about I will just shut up and hopefully everyone will be able to figure out more about me through my posts (oh and messaging me...messaging is always welcome!).

Oh and I am an ENTP 7w6 clearly the best type to ever roam the earth :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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