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The "pl0x" was ironic. Mass defenestrations will occur should any further attention be garnered upon it. Seriously, folks, I'll singlehandedly put the defenestration of Prague to shame.

And seeing as I'm baring my soul here, there's not much point to making an intro thread, now is there? Now you have to chance to involuntarily get to know me. Congratulations! *shakes hand*

No, I'm not a Buddhist. There's a long story behind that name (Well, actually, not that long) and I don't feel (I'm not a feeler. Figure of speech. Shut up.) like reciting it.

Let's get down to business, yes?

My track record with the MBTI/KTS has been more than spotty. I was first typed as an INTJ, but at least half a year ago that seriously went into doubt. INTJ, INTP, and ISTP descriptions tended to all describe me up to a point. Mostly the whole "Strong, Silent type" thing they have going, but other details as well- I.E., I'm rather good at troubleshooting problems and fixing things, identifying concepts easily by breaking things down, understanding logical chains of events, etc. Admittedly, I'm not the most sociable guy out in meatspace seeing as I quite enjoy time spent with myself, but recent events have me doubting what exactly constitutes "solitude", and further introspection and reflection upon my behaviors have cast doubts upon my original personality inclinations. Furthermore, I'm not brutally honest like those types seem. I'm honest, but I try to be aware that the wrong word at the wrong time can be a demoralizing blow to the person on the receiving end, and given that deeper relationships are sparse for me, keeping them around as long as they'll work is important. My friends occasionally have to deal with crap, courtesy of me, that they shouldn't have to and I should have at least the courtesy to not step on their toes. Words rarely affect my emotional state (unless directly correlated with action), but they can affect those of others. I also like to help people should they need it, and I'm an effective tutor and volunteer for manual labor, but this is mostly me trying to show that I care somewhat about the relationship because I don't hand out compliments or gifts that easily- a compliment needs to be earned, dammit, and I'm quite thoughtless in regards to gifts.

Oh, also, I'm getting close to 19 years old (meaning I'm 18 years old, for those of you who don't count math as something they hold proficiency in), so yes, while my personality is getting close to being "fleshed out" (for the most part) and I seem to have developed a penchant to abuse parentheses like controlled substances, I'm aware that I have room to grow. Lots of room.

Anyways, I've started to have the stinking suspicion that I'm an ENTJ. I started to lean towards that when people told me that not only do I come off as highly energetic and excitable (I make some places lively, apparently), but I'm charismatic and act as a personal social lubricant. I know what you're thinking, so stop right there. Keep in mind that they say this on the Internet (some of you may have a passing familiarity with it), which is my principal form of contact with other individuals. This is what made me question my original definition of solitude. I was essentially under the impression that communicating via the Internet does not, in fact, count as "socializing". No, it doesn't in the conventional sense, but it does deal with individuals spending time together, communicating, sharing experiences (however incorporeal they may be), etc. and if that's not a form of socializing, then I'm going to be a very confused individual. Furthermore, some internal conflict within an internet community caused a schism of sorts (the original website they gathered upon was dying), and a friend and I started a forum to host the refugees. Upon me taking interest in the forum as an extremely viable host for a community, I immediately gave it a (as described by the admin/friend of mine) "massive adrenaline shot." With his help, I gave it a new direction, started directing members towards it, have essentially become the forum's vice admin (and figurehead- the admin wants to be more of a background figure), and began coordinating other members to begin expanding the forum's target demographics and bringing them there. And I've been working tirelessly to make it an interesting place to post, trying to come up wtih as many threads as possible to induce discussion. With these last sentences I really started to suspect me as an ENTJ, albeit one with ADD and self-esteem issues that make typing me easily a chore. I don't compulsively plan and I'm not particularly orderly, but ordering things does tend to give me pleasure and I seem to be seen as a kind of leaderly figure without me even realizing it. The "not really compulsively planning and not particularly orderly" aspects of me can be subject to change, but my mother is an ENTP with ADD, my dad may have ADD along with most of my siblings, so that kind of explains itself.

Well, that was far wordier than I first intended, and I haven't even gotten close to explaining everything! Feel free to inquire about specific aspects as to help me, because putting it down in one post is borderline insane. Why do personalities have to be so complicated? Ugh!
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