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First of all, I apologize for any potential spelling/grammar mistakes. Writing isn't my strong suit. Also English isn't my first language.

0: I am diagnosed with High-functioning Autism and ADD. I grew up in a stable family in Denmark which is considered to be a very liberal country. I struggle with anxiety and self-esteem issues, which I believe to be linked to my conditions. I am trying to find some sort of identity and purpose which brought me here. I also have an interest in psychology so that influenced my decision too I suppose.

1: I got a picture of a grey city by a river. The picture makes me feel sad somehow. The grey monotone color shows how mundane life can be at times. It also reminds me of my own city so i feel a strange sense of belonging too

2: First thing first, I would see if I could get a signal on my phone. If yes, I would tell them to pick us up. Chances are that the concert has already started before help actually arrives. in that case I would just find something else to do. If not, I would ask if anybody has any expertise with cars. If we truly can't get it to work, the most logical thing to do would be try to see if there is some form of civilization nearby.

3: I would attend to party to ensure that the driver stays sober. I would mostly just stay in the background and observe their behavior carefully. I would politely say goodbye and get a cab for myself if they show any signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

4: Depends on the circumstances. If it's something that just plain factually wrong I will show evidence to counter their argument. However if it's something that's subjective, it depends on how serious the topic is. Things like hobbies and news are fine. But if it's something controversial like certain political topics(Immigration, Minority rights, etc) I would just keep my tongue. Winning an argument isn't worth the cost of potentially damaging my relationship to these people.

5: Meh, who cares? Life goes on, It's none of my business anyways. The last thing I want to do is to start a scene in public. Deep down i might consider if it holds some truth to it.

6: I'm very unsure about what i value in other people, so i'm afraid i can't answer this question.

7: People are often surprised about how I prefer flexibility and improvising over routine and careful planning. Probably some stereotypes about Autism. I can lay a plan when it's necessary though. I just simply prefer keeping my options open. I can get a bit angry or unreasonable when people act or perform below my expected standard. I am a generally pessimistic person so I have a tendency to overestimate the flaws in people(including myself). I also have a habit of retreating when i'm presented with anything remotely challenging, that is probably my biggest character flaw

8: When i experience something that reminds me of a past experience in one way or the other, I try to consider it as what was true once may prove to be true once again.

9: I get energy from discussing things i ind interesting with other people, Anxious and depressive thoughts drain my battery so fast, its kind of an vicious cycle really. Repetitive tasks that require me to concentrate for extended periods of time also bore me.

10: Not much really, im an very honest person. I'm not afraid to say what i think if the situation allows it.
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