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Here is the test:

I chose the "Exhaustive" version (135 questions) for most accuracy, the default is 30 questions.

I couldn't wish for a better result, I got Rust Cohle from True detective :D


You can also see characters from other TV shows that are closest to yours:

You can then also see the whole list of your matches, under the final "all" graph:

What did you get? I've already sent this to my friends, but unfortunately none of them are NT's :D (no, don't worry, no sensors, NF's)

edit: people posting videos, that's a good idea! Here's Rust. I love him. I am not a nihilist anymore, like him, but his demeanor is just spot on.

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I did the 135Q version and got Stevie Budd from Schitt's Creek.
I've never watched the show, but according to my SO this is very accurate.

She's also voted as INTP 5w4 on PersonalityDatabase which matches my type if that's anything to go by.

I wish I had got Rust Cohle because he's probably my favorite TV character, but he was 12th on my list at 70%.

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I did the 135 questions. Pretty fun.

They showed me an 80% match for Brandon Stark from Game of Thrones. I don't watch that show and don't know the character.

So I checked out the "full match list" of characters. Turns out I also got 80% for Bernard Lowe of Westworld. Pretty close I think.

Of others that I'm familiar with, I got 77% or 78% for the following:

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
Data (Star Trek NG)
Geordi La Forge (Star Trek NG)
John Munch (Law and Order SVU--I never understood why his coworkers didn't like him).

Elsie Hughes (Westworld).


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Some of my top results were

Samwell Tarley from Game of Thrones- 89%

Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer- 88%

Oliver Hampton from How to Get Away with Murder- 88%

Beth March from Little Women- 88%

Molly Hooper from Sherlock at 86%

Jimmy Palmer from NCIS at 86%

Sun Hwa Kwan from Lost at 86%

Nick Caraway from the Great Gatsby 84%

Ariadne from Inception- 81%

Remus Lupin- 79%

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Bruce Banner (Marvel Cinematic Universe): 89%
John Bates (Downton Abbey): 89%
Davos Seaworth (Game of Thrones): 86%
Charlie Young (The West Wing): 86%
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars): 86%
Lester Freamon (The Wire): 86%
Elsie Hughes (Westworld): 85%
Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop): 85%
George S. Hammond (Stargate SG-1): 85%
Ms. Sharon Norbury (Mean Girls): 85%

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That must be dissapointing getting Gandalf on second place when he's your profile pic :D
Absolutely. and to rub dirt in my wound, they used the exact same picture of Gandalf that I use for my profile pic :(

lol, it was pretty close. I relate to Lupin as well, so I'm not disappointed :)
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