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and so here I am!

When I was a child I imagined myself to be a mermaid when I grew up. All efforts to reign in such lofty ideas in the last several years have seemingly only worsened the problem. What I imagined to be a funneling of energy that focused and honed a deep gorge has instead become a broad delta of meandering ideas that intermix without clear boundaries or mandates about direction or purpose. The choices are limitless. The world around me exponentially larger with the passing of effortless time.

Bliss is an afternoon laying beneath a large big-leaf maple staring up though the underside of the broadleaf imagining photosynthetic processes or anthropomorphizing the world around it.

I'm an INFP. This means I'm in constant wonder of the world around me, and some things make me irrationally happy. I can capture a bug and lose an afternoon observing it and interacting with it. I really enjoy texture and light. I love getting wet and muddy. I love the sound of crunching leaves under my feet and the feel of grass between my toes.

I'm most certainly an idealist, a dreamer.

Growing up in Seattle I came to loathe the high temps of summer and saw them as a rude visitor. I realize now that was insanity. I've come full circle and now worship the sun. Vibrancy intoxicates me easily: color, smell, sound. Perhaps I am more lizard than fish. I will probably expatriate south. I imagine that this temperate climate will always pull me towards its late spring and early fall though, so perhaps I am a nomadic lizard.

I'm a student of science, currently plant biology. I was a term away from graduating with a B.A. in Political Economy (alternative models) and decided to dig my heels in and stay to also complete a B.S. What I will do then...maybe I will run away. No se.

I like the smell of basement bookstores, the feel of old corduroy, and the chaos that is the home decor isle of the Goodwill.

I'm looking forward to learning from this community and coming to understand myself better. Thank you to those of you who have made tear up during fits of laughter, and because of the bitter sweet joy that comes with resonance as I have been lurking!

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