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I had a weird dream..

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Just when I've already closed the chapter on me and my first love (emotionally, I mean)

I had a weird dream about my first love last night :dry:

I dreamt that his girlfriend and I were talking on MSN just asking each other casual stuff about life, etc. Then I asked about her relationship status, and she said something like,'' we do fight when he still thinks about you.''

I remember my emotions in that dream. I was stunned and my heart leapt in the dream. (Note: in the dream)

I also felt another stream of emotions in the dream, as if he was not as over me as I assumed. (Actually I don't even know. Last time I texted him, he was angry I can't tell)

Based on life's experiences, everytime (no kidding, EVERY TIME) I dream about an ex boyfriend or a lover, it always either

  • Indicate their emotions
  • Indicate what might happen
  • Or mirror certain future events even if the actual events take place slightly differently

But I've already closed the chapter (At least I think so), I'm not as emotionally scarred about me and him as I used to be, although I care about him.

Have you ever had a dream like that? Honestly I don't know what to make of it.
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Ah, in an our ideal world...

Don't we all wish they'd say something like that. I dream of this guy finally telling me that he likes me, or at least making a move. I dream about that a lot. But it probably will never happen - being an ISFJ, he gets really uncomfortable about talking about stuff like that ):
Dreaming, to me, is when your brain defrags. It takes all the crap that we push to the back of our mind over the course of the day and works through it. Not to see that once and a while a dream cant have meaning, but this seems like the forer. Your mind is just unwinding the stuff that you dont have the time to do. That dream seems like your miond just mulling over some stuff. It probably means nothing. However if you start haveing it over and over again and very vividly then maybe you might want to revisit the isseu.
I don't dream anymore my sleep is too deep. My mind completely shuts off I think I have no sub conscience ... But yea back on topic sleep, mental patterns, stress, ect all adversely affect your sleep and dreams
I had a dream the other night I was making out with my ex....:confused: I hate the woman... was sick to my stomach for a couple hours after I woke up, and even though it was a dream, I still brushed my teeth like 3 times... Yuck!!!

I do believe dreams do sometimes hold some deeper meaning. My current girlfriend and I are going through some hard times right now, and I think that may have triggered my dream with my ex... Also, I have had other dreams of being in a church surrounded by figures all wearing white robes. I have those dreams when I'm going through big personal growth times and focusing on changes in my life... other times I think dreams are just nonsence our brains put together for our sleeping pleasure....
So what would a dream about driving around your hometown, or what is supposed to be your hometown, to the train station with three people you don't know, arriving at the station which looks oddly like the building you had your five year reunion at, watching one of your travel companions get handed a random stranger's baby and being told that if they couldn't find the baby's mother at the current stop, to just take it onto the train, getting onto the train, and sitting next to someone of the opposite gender as the train starts to leave the station with two of your travel companions still on the platform mean?

*would love to hear others opinions on this, 'cause she has NO idea where she even got the train thing*
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