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Whenever I go through a day, I do something good. I care for my animals, I interact with my family, I do some work around the house, but I don't seem to value it. If I haven't actually left my house and gone to town or something, I feel worthless, drained, a waste of oxygen someone else could have been productive with. Is this normal? Is it an ESTJ quirk? I always feel like I needed to have done more or done better at the end of the day. I get the same self-loathing feeling when I sleep in past 9:30. The day's already gone, shot, wasted.

I hate myself when I feel useless, and it seems to be that it doesn't matter if I've done something for myself that day. I feel like I should make a difference to someone else's world everyday, contributed to it, improved it, been there for someone, I just have to have done something for someone else, or I hate myself.

Not sure if this is just me, or if it's actually a self-confidence issue.
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