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I have found my people!

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First post, been lurking for some time and decided to go ahead and make an account. Took a few different of the personality inventory tests a few weeks ago and came out as INTJ each time. Its been pretty interesting to learn more about the defined INTJ "type". I think I know maybe one other INTJ from at work..I don't think I've run into any others before (or just didn't notice them lol).

The community here intrigues me as I can relate to many of the posts here. I have a select few friends who tolerate my need for my "incognito mode" as they call it, but don't necessarily understand why I disappear into my own little world for weeks at a time. I have found my tribe of fellow introverts!
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Thank you, while I appreciate the OP statement this is a better way to say it.
And welcome, you will laugh with and at us quite a bit and hopefully learn more about people.
Oh hello, we are not your people, because you are not our king. XD We are your kin, welcome to the fraternity.
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