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  • Main Questions

    1. What drives you in life? What do you look for?

    I am driven by goals. Having healthy and happy relationships, a healthy and happy world (environment), healthy mind, body and spirit, success and happiness. I am about authenticity and honesty. I like to keep an open mind to the possibilities and to dream big. Love and romance is important to me. The possibility of raising healthy and happy kids with good values and morals. Treating people well. Filling the world with more love.

    I would like to live in a world without war, poverty, sexism, racism, hate between religion. I would like to see an end to homelessness, smoking, the deterioration of the environment. I would like to see education available to all and worked a way that meets everyone's needs and is interesting and fulfilling and worked around the individual. I would like to see an end to all discrimination and bullying. I would like to live in a world where people are free to chase their dreams instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from.

    2. What do you hope to accomplish in your life?

    -I would like to figure out this religion/spirituality thing, I know what core beliefs I have, but I'm not sure who I'm following.

    -I would like to have a great romance, and I would like to marry them

    -I would like to have a nice house with a swing in the backyard, fruit trees and a vege patch, an inground trampoline

    -I would like to raise kids who make the world a better place

    -I would like to get to a healthy weight and stay there. I would like to have a kickass wardrobe that reflects my personality

    -I would like to stop sleeping my life away

    -I would like to have a quality group of friends

    -I would like financial security

    -I would like to be in a position to give away 90% of my income

    -I would like to find a job I am passionate about and never want to leave, so I never work a day in my life

    3. What do you hope to avoid doing or being? What values are important to you?

    I don't want to experiance pain or torture. I don't want to lie or mislead anyone. I don't want to manipulate anyone. I don't want to go outside of my comfort zone. I never want to do a marathon. I don't want to see a snake in person. I don't want to face my fears. I don't want to face the people that have bullied me. I don't want to embarrass myself. I don't want to betray my values. I don't want to set a bad example. I don't want to waste time. I don't want to have Bipolar anymore. I don't want to know what people think about me, incase they think poorly of me. I don't want to hear peoples criticism, even though I need it. I don't want to check my answerphone. I don't want to experiance discomfort. I don't want to lie around with nothing to do. I don't want to talk to boring people. I don't want to think I am inferior or superior to anyone. I don't want to lead people on.

    My values are equality, honesty, following your dreams, being kind, second chances,

    4. What are your biggest fears (not including phobias)? Why?

    Wasting my life away- this is something I am doing now, and have been for several years. Because of the medications I am on, I go through life like a zombie and am always tired. I am really lazy and sleep alot. I didn't want to fill out this questionaire because it looked like too much work. I am hoping that there is an afterlife, otherwise I am throwing away my life by not getting anything done.

    The supernatural- I don't know why, but it freaks me out. Whether it is the possibility of God speaking to me, having visions, seeing angels or the other supernatural stuff- seeing ghosts, hearing things etc


    Being tortured- I don't think I could handle it

    Never finding true love or having a good relationship- I don't feel complete by myself

    Having children or not having them- both possibilites scare me

    Not being able to provide for myself, or having someone who looks after me die or become unable to support us


    5. How do you want others to see you? How do you see yourself?

    I want others to see me as kind, generous, sincere, funny, hard working, interesting, beautiful, cute, intelligent, energetic, romantic, committed, honest, good taste, charismatic

    How do I see myself?

    the good- pretty, cute, honest, optimistic, hopeful, good taste

    the bad- lazy, boring, fat, gross, obsessive, shallow, vain, unrealistic, naive, fearful, procrastinator, religious, gullible, hungry, low energy

    6. What makes you feel your best? What makes you feel your worst?

    When people like me, when people agree with me or say something that disagrees with me but is really interesting or funny, being surrounded by beauty, funny people, funny experiances, funny stories, good food, knowing something is healthy, having energy, getting someone to change their opinion on something, finding a movie I actually like, mastering something that I thought I couldn't do, getting mail, when the rain stops and the sun comes out, jumping into a cool pool on a hot day, getting stuff done, finding out that something is easier than it looks, sticking to a schedule, hanging out with someone I find attractive, reading things I wrote a long time ago, meeting a kindred spirit, buying something new, looking at stationary, getting a genuine comment, memes, feel good stories.

    My worst? getting criticised, going around all day thinking I look good then getting home and realising my makeup has run all over my face, my hair is a mess and I'm all sweaty. Watching the news and hearing about the horrors going on all over the world. Arguing with people, witnessing negativity. Screaming matches with my mum or sister. Being single. Feeling lonely. Trying things on and having them look terrible. Ruining something I've just brought and not being able to return it. Liking people who don't like me back. Being laughed at and not knowing why. Being stuck with competitive people. Having people constantly correct me, or try and change my opinion. Being in situations that test my patience. Being stuck in the rain. Being home alone at night. Having no internet connection. Not being sure about the existance of God. Feeling like no one cares about me.

    7. Describe how you experience each of: a) anger; b) shame; c) anxiety.

    Anger- I obsess, cry, try to sleep it off. I will try and get away from whatever is making me angry. I avoid confrontation, although sometimes I will say something snarky.

    Shame- I will cringe inwardly and beat myself up about it

    Anxiety- I will obsess about it, then avoid it. I avoid things I don't like until they no longer exist. Like, I don't like checking my answer phone because I'm scared I will get a bad message, so eventually, when I do check it, the messages won't be relevant anymore. Or I will leave something to the last minute. Occassionally I will get inspired and face the things that are scaring me and they usually end up not being that bad.

    8. Describe how you respond to each of: a) stress; b) unexpected change; c) conflict.

    Stress- I will try and get as much advice as I can on the situation. I will procrastinate and obsess and avoid.

    Unexpected change- I don't know

    Conflict- Depends on who its with. With my family, I used to scream and shout at them and argue, but now I wait until we're both in a calmer mood and try and speak to them in a way they will agree with. I avoid blaming them or making them feel bad. If it's someone I don't know, I might be rude back or avoid them. If it's a friend, I will probably ask a mutual friend for advice or for them to talk to them.

    9. Describe your orientation to: a) authority; b) power. How do you respond to these?

    Authority- I generally respect authority, although I think some of it is stupid. New Zealand laws are pretty reasonable. I am generally fearful of being in trouble or being punished so I mostly follow the rules. In New Zealand, the rules are mostly fair, so they are easier to stick with. I listen to my parents and obey them because I respect them and it comes with lots of benefits for me, like getting to live overseas with them, getting loans for stuff I wanted to buy but couldn't afford on my own, having them help me with petrol etc.

    Power- I don't neccessarily like people having power over me or others because I see everyone as equals. That being said, some people are experts in their fields, and we need some people to be leaders because we can't be experts in every area. Someone needs to make the rules, and someone needs to enforce it, otherwise there would be utter chaos.

    10. What is your overall outlook on life and humanity?

    I am sad that life has to come to an end, and I think most people waste it, either on stupid things, or simply trying to survive (not their fault). I think people are generally shitty to each other, and this world could be a much kinder, more beautiful place if we all worked together.

    Optional Questions

    11. Discuss an event that has impacted your life significantly; more importantly, how you responded to it.

    In 2009, I got the chance to move to England. I thought during that time, I would transform who I was and come back a changed person. I thought people would like me better when I moved back, if I lost weight and became a cooler person. I never lost the weight. I had no direction, I stopped going to church, and didn't have any work or study going on. I joined personalitycafe. I didn't have much going on in my life, but I had the chance to see another part of the world. I got the chance to grow and mature, explore etc, but I feel like I wasted a lot of it. It was still a good experiance though. I think I was still getting used to my Bipolar diagnosis.

    12. Comment on your relationship with trust.

    I trust until I am given reason not to

    14. What do you see or notice in others that most people don't?

    I don't like it when people swear a lot or are negative. I don't like it when people are closed off, or have resting bitch face. Peoples language really bothers me, I don't like it when they get grammar wrong, sound uneducated, trashy etc. I don't like it when people insult others with words they don't understand.

    15. If a stranger insults you, how do you respond/feel? What if they compliment you?

    I probably take it too personally to be honest. If you don't know someone, is their opinion really worth anything? If they say something positive, they might just be trying to sell you something, and if they say something negative, they might not know you well enough to judge, or they might just be a bitch.

    16. What's something you are: a) thankful you have; b) wish you could have? Why?

    thankful- my family and to be born in New Zealand- my life is much easier than it could have been
    wish I could have? love and friendships- I get lonely, and jealous watching everyone else.


    What age range are you in? I'm 25

    Any disorders or conditions we should know about?
    I have Bipolar I, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (slightly Aspergers) and ADD (according to the internet)

    Main Questions

    1. What do you think your life is about? Making the world a better place, somehow

    2. What were you like as a kid? serious, misunderstood, dramatic. I had a big imagination but was somewhat predictable. I liked to pretend that I was a school teacher. I read lots of books, and believed everything I read. I had a lot of confidence and a lot of friends. I got picked on for being naive, and gullible and because I had a speech problem and couldn't pronounce a lot of words. I wanted to be an astronaut, a vet or a teacher. I believed in God but didn't want to become a Christian until I was really old, because I didn't want to live by someone elses rules. I thought I could atone for my sins and just be religious for 7 years, but just live however I wanted until then. I got picked on a lot by mean kids. Alot of adults told my parents I was strange. I took a lot of things literally, if someone told me to stay in the middle of the trampoline for example, I would stay in the centre, terrified to leave because I didn't want to get in trouble. I adored my oldest sister and wanted to be just like her.

    3. Describe your relationship with your parents. Does anything stand out about the way you interacted? My mum is an ISTJ. We used to fight alot but we get along pretty well now. She doesn't always take me seriously. She pushes me into things I don't want to do. I've always wanted a mother that would give me lots of affection, want to do things with me, make me feel special etc. I think my mum has a different love language to me because she doesn't really do those things. My mum works hard, the house is always clean and tidy, she takes her job seriously, and she thinks most of my dreams are silly. She is obsessed with my weight. My dad is an ENFJ. He is a bookworm. He is very affectionate. He is big into chasing dreams. He thinks I can do anything. He has a really high opinion of me. He has always encouraged me to follow my heart.

    15. Briefly: What religious and/or political beliefs do you have? Do you think they influenced your responses in this questionnaire?

    I am an agnostic. I want to be a Christian but am currently struggling with a few things. I want to reach some understanding about some stuff before I commit to anything. I struggle with Christianity, because if I am a Christian, I am automatically an enemy of the world and I have to side with God with everything, even if I personally disagree. Like, I don't personally have a problem with homosexuality, but I believe God does, and that troubles me.

    I think I am a democrat. Well, I mostly test in the middle. I agree and disagree with stuff on both sides. I would vote for the green party, I pretty much agree with everything they say.

    Extra Questions

    Which of the following temptations do you find yourself acting upon the most? (And briefly state why)

    - To constantly push yourself to be “the best”
    - To be without needs, well-intentioned
    - To replace direct experience with concepts
    - To have an extreme sense of personal moral obligation
    - To think that fulfillment is somewhere else
    - To cyclically become indecisive and seek others for reassurance
    - To overuse imagination in searching for yourself
    - To avoid conflicts and asserting yourself
    - To consider yourself entirely self-sufficient

    Please also include tritypes, wings, instinctural variant stackings etc

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