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Hey everybody!

I've been lurking as a guest for quite some time now, and I just think this is the neatest place. So much stuff to read, and opinions to compare, and things to learn about myself and others and relationships... I'm pretty sure I'm ENFP, but parts of me I feel are left out of that, like I'm a bit more rounded than the MBTI description would suggest. I've been using this site to look more into the Functions, I guess is what they're called: Fi and Te and all that. Have you all found any other way to more narrowly tune a type to your personal twist on it? I'm about to take the enneagram, so that might provide some additional clarity. Socionics have been really cool to look into as well.

Well, I love people and trying to understand them, so I'm just soaking up this information here. Thanks for such a cool resource!

One last thing -- has anyone explored using the Chinese 5 Element array for defining personality? The thought occured to me a while back when discussing eastern philosophy with a professor.

Well, tah for now!


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