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What is it with so many people having to compare a real photo (well, it's usually photoshopped in some way, smoothed skin and what-not, hair dye, make up, posing...) and 'You look a lot like [insert famous person]"?

I got--starting around 1981, and still get, "You look like Jamie Lee Curtis" but that was in person so it wasn't just looks, and it was me--no photo editing and turning a certain way and removing blemishes... I was talking or on the move, and I'd hear that--still do, when I do.

Is it like someone getting five seconds of fame instead of 15 minutes? Or is no one comfortable just saying outright, "You're attractive"? Or what is flattering about hearing that some of us look to others like an actor with a lot of hair dye, make up, Retin-A, Botox... they never have met in person, certainly not early in the morning before the 'work' starts:

I don't know, except I'll vote for most people wanting to feel and make others feel a fantasy for a few seconds to a few minutes, and maybe, just maybe--as this in online business--get laid down the line as I've heard a lot of people use typing forums for hooking up sexually:

Back in my day 'hooking up' meant talking on the phone later or getting a cup of coffee.

Nowadays, it means only one thing: Yep, slam, bam, and thank you sir, ma'am.

And best part is all the self-affirmed intuitives and intellectuals into this flattery. Facetious, yep... as in person I usually get it from form-oriented sensors as I would expect--if I was expecting it when it comes, and I never am.
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