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I lost it

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I don't normally lose it. When I am overwhelmed which negative emotions I cry and cannot say a word.

So this story happened today. I moved to another city lately and I was looking for a room in a shared flat. I then found something. It wasn't perfect (no internet - how can you live without internet in 21 century?), but the flat mate told me she was planning to start an wifi contract immediately and we were to have it in several days (of course it was clear to me that "immediately" often means "never" but I gave it a chance because I was trying to be an optimist once in my life).

I agreed to take it. We agreed on a price for the rest of month with the "flatmate". The rent was quite high but still ok.

Then I moved in.

I quickly discovered that it was super cold in the room - the regulation for the heating for the whole flat was in my flatmate's room and she didn't want me to regulate it or enter her room when she wasn't there ("you can wait till I'm there, it's not so cold"). It's about 0 degree Celcius outside where I live. She never mentioned no heating when we talked before I moved in.

Then, she also delayed signing the contract. Only today did she give me her account number. I'm not sure what the process looks like in your countries, but I wouldn't give someone a lot of money without a contract specifying for what I've paid it. Also, the "we will have internet" thing started to disappear from her plans. Also, the shower in the bathroom was broken down - when I pointed to it 2 h after moving in, she told me I broke it down.

To sum up: no, it wasn't great.

So today I came and told her very calmly that I would like to stay till the end of the month and then move out - it just isn't what I'm looking for. I proposed we write a very short contract - basically our names and that I'm paying her money to stay in the room till the end of the month.

She went completely crazy. She started to scream at me. She started to shout that she wrote a better contract (a very long one, specifying I need to stay 6 months) and how dare I come to her with my contract, tearing the contract I presented her out of my hands, behaving like a psycho, accusing me of not wanting to pay her, wanting me to pay her immediately without a contract and internet access to even make an invoice. This lasted for several really long minutes. And then I lost it. I told her, "shut up you stupid b* and start behaving like an adult".

This wasn't the end of the story.

She started shouting she would call the police. I told her to do so. She did. The police came and told me as I don't have a written contract I need to go immediately.

The good news is I managed to find a hotel in no time, at a very late evening and without internet access, although currently a huge event is taking place in my city and it's virtually impossible to find a hotel (thank you platinum card of x hotels).

Not sure why I write that. I'm definitely not proud of myself. But yes, today was so strange. I still need to pick up most of my things tomorrow, will try to keep it calm while she's offending me and shouting at me. God, how I hate drama. But the fact is in this very moment I'm sitting in a warm hotel with a great internet connection and I feel so happy.
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years ago I rented a room and this woman went insane within 1 week
it was a room in the basement and she lived on the 1st floor
my 1st night there I was awakened by some one running around at full speed
she was a small woman [110 lbs] it sounded like a elephant :laughing:
few days later she came down to my room [2 A.M.] pounding on my door telling me to quiet down
I was sleeping, the next day I found another room to rent
stayed there for 10 years
I would probably guess that you would not have made it until the end of the month - flatmate sounded like a psycho and I'm sure it was just the tip of the iceberg.
Good call, get the fuck out of there.

She's a liar to begin with (lying about internet access, really?).

I understand the heating situation. I used to share an apartment with a few girls and my room was always cold but one roommate constantly turned the air on (central air), drove me nuts until I finally brought an electric heater.

What a complete nightmare. Sorry that happened.
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Well, at least you know where that sub-human piece of garbage lives, so if you get bored, you can mess with her.

Look on the bright side: maybe she'll kill herself in the shower you broke!
Man, that seems like a terrible ordeal. I don't think I would have been able to hold it together either. I'm seriously just sitting here, speechless about it because I really have zero experience with living with a roommate. I've heard stories, but man, that's crazy.

Whatever happens next has to be better than that, though...
My first roommate out of college seemed normal enough. But a few months after I moved in she went batshit and we got into a legitimate physical strife. Might have escalated had her boyfriend and a friend of mine not been there to pull us apart. When it became obvious that I was not the one to be meddled with or intimidated, she eventually found some other place and moved.

Have been living alone for the last 3 years, and have never been happier (though the two roommates I had after she left weren't so bad; still, living alone is a greater relief than any cheaper rent with roommates can offer).

Glad you got out of there quickly enough. Some people are too forgiving, gullible, or patient and can't read the warning signs, so they stick around and their life is hell for a while.
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The individual in question, sounds like the typical "control freak" desperate for someone to share her bills, possibly with some anger/control issues. If I was in a similar situation, I would do the exact same to what you described. You have my sympathies, however the situation shows what kind of a world we live in.
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