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In real life, sometimes lately I've been secretly wishing that my closest friends/loved ones would give me more space.

Recently, I do appreciate their company and I do sincerely want to help them but the paradox of me find myself...

Sometimes wishing they would give me less of their energies. (No joke, I can sometimes freaking absorb energies of the ones in the same country and the ones far away)
Sometimes wishing they would not ask me too many questions.
Sometimes wishing they would not even approach me online.
Sometimes wishing they would give me at least many months of not interacting with them at all starting now.

Am I harsh?

I think even though they know me pretty well, and they get the idea I want to be alone..even though I'm emotionally honest at some point (but me being type 4, I don't show all of my emotions) they haven't fully realized that these past few days, I feel drained easily.

It's just, I'm just going through too many changes in my life right now and I'm trying to balance things out, it can be quite tricky.

P/S When I'm calm I start to sound like an INFP again :laughing:
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