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I love you INFJ's!

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My intuition really says that my first love is an INFJ, and thus as a tribute/testimony to him, I start this thread :tongue:

When I was with my first love, honestly, he was one of the most pure hearted, kindest, most patient, most understanding, most tolerant men you could ever find. He was quiet, reserved, a bit anti social but nevertheless dreamy and his heart was the most amazing gem in this universe. Too bad, he was often unappreciated, overlooked and judged by people :sad:

It's just that certain circumstances happened and I also partly screwed up in how I treated him..Until this day, from time to time, I still wonder what could have been if we were married and had children now together :sad:

So embrace being INFJ's. I love you! If it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't have gone through two years of light, beauty and dreams, I love him!
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WOohoo! heck yeah, INFJ's are awesome! you guys are great to talk to about deep stuff. i find you too be the most intreguing of the lot.
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Yes my first love would fantasize being a hero, and being my hero :blushed:

I remember when I texted him and asked,''so do you like me or your former crush better?'' (this was during our initial stages of a relationship developing, not entirely serious yet)
He got worried and started texting me,''why do you ask like that? You should know that I love only you.'' I wasn't insecure at that time, I was just curious, but it warmed my heart, the way he was.

And at times when I punched him, he would just smile at me.

That sounds INFJ right? Siiigh.

Oh , love, if there ever was someone like you.
hey Izzie, dont get yourself down, we're just as rare, he'd have to go a pretty long way to find someone as great as you^^ out of interest, did you ask him out or did he ask you out?
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