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I love you INFJ's!

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My intuition really says that my first love is an INFJ, and thus as a tribute/testimony to him, I start this thread :tongue:

When I was with my first love, honestly, he was one of the most pure hearted, kindest, most patient, most understanding, most tolerant men you could ever find. He was quiet, reserved, a bit anti social but nevertheless dreamy and his heart was the most amazing gem in this universe. Too bad, he was often unappreciated, overlooked and judged by people :sad:

It's just that certain circumstances happened and I also partly screwed up in how I treated him..Until this day, from time to time, I still wonder what could have been if we were married and had children now together :sad:

So embrace being INFJ's. I love you! If it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't have gone through two years of light, beauty and dreams, I love him!
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I don't mind mushy females. They are squishy.
Oh, just for a mini second, you captured my heart a little *LOL*
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I enjoy the company to INFP's greatly as well. But I still have to wonder from time to time if they are just being friendly to get something in return from me. Perhaps that's just my 6w5 part of my psyche though.
what?? oh come on....

okay wait to be fair I can be like that, wondering if the guy likes me for me or just wants my comfort :crazy:
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okay wait to be fair I can be like that, wondering if the guy likes me for me or just wants my comfort
I don't think I've ever heard it put that way....interesting.....unless of course your really talking about comfort...:unsure:
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I posted this in another thread, to clarify a bit;

My INFJ ex (first love) the far past, he never wanted to let me go :sad: ..When I dumped him, he cried on the phone and the memory sticks until today, although I don't allow it to control the rest of my life. My family was forcing me to let him go and I was too young to handle it. Years later, that still resulted in fights, conflicts, friction etc..But, my family is more understanding of me now (later in life).

The pain shaped me at least. I become a much stronger person because of it. My first love was truly amazing, I had known a lot of guys in my life, but he was one whose patience, kindness, purity in heart could make a whole dark universe seem exceptionally beautiful in a few years.

...And thus a story of my old life.
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