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Hello dear folks of the internet, I am here asking for some advice, as I am constantly unsure of what type I am.

I know for a fact that the IN is the correct first two letters, reading about the different types, and with all the online tests out there, these parts are with good confidence.

Here's the confusion. nearly 95% of the time time I test as INTJ, and a lot of times I usually took this one to be my declared type, I knew what I knew and what I didn't know I latched on quickly to new ideas. Have always had issues socially in groups and never really fit with people, I always over-analyzed everything.

But the organization and the deadlines are hit or miss, my room's an absolute mess, as well as my backpack, though it's more of a general apathy, as when I do organize things I do it meticulously, such as my flash drive having folders within folders within folders of detailed items.

now when I said 95% of the time I'd test as INTJ I'd test the other 5% of the time as INTP, and qualitatively when I read P I agree more with. With more flexible deadlines, with multi-tasking, etc. I enjoy the complex systems that INTP's favor, and I feel a need to correct people who just have there facts wrong.

Last year my friend dragged me into a new social group, much to my discomfort (having tried keeping social with a couple people, failing, and instead secluding myself into a library on my laptop) and when I finally was "accepted" and felt at ease and this group became my comfort zone I still prefered small groups 2-4 rather than large groups, but I could finally handle larger groups, although I often would feel myself constantly pushed to the edge. After some circumstances and going through a really hard time in my life, I confided in certain people, I didn't know why I got a feeling that they were right to talk to and was often confided back into.

Weird fuzzy well what does this explain stuff?
Just this morning before I posted this I retested, I got INTJ (like usual) the IN were high, and the TJ were low, I even chuckled that T was 1%

Throughout High School I had planned 2 majors, originally computer science was my goal, eventually I got bored of it, had a great chemistry teacher and wound up going as a chemistry major into college, the long term plan was Chemistry > Pharmacy school, a well planned 8 years or so of schooling...

However now that plan seems boring, like it's a facade of what I actually want to do. I've had difficulties in my organic chemistry class, not only not willing to put in the effort to study, but after 3 or so years, seeing the goal so far in the distance I've lost motivation to achieve something I only might want to do.

I really have enjoying my psychology classes, 101 being.. fun, and my Abnormal Psychology class was one I would look forward to.

Lately I've been extremely empathic, I never used to be this way, but as situations with the group and social situations grew I've now been able to read people just by looking at them and feel I"m only doing things right when a friend tells me I'm a "True friend" I'm obsessed with "saving people" but that could be some psych disorders I've wondered about Avoidant Personality disorder for a while

This morning I started reading about the INFP (which is in contrast to the INTJ idea) and a lot of things I see, but a lot more of it lately than previously.
and this part I see mostly "An INFP, your primary mode of living is focused internally, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them. I constantly debate things internally self reflection is my specialty to the point of ad nausea I say something and am seeing the other side an arguing with myself right after I say something.

Their primary goal is to find out their meaning in life. What is their purpose? How can they best serve humanity in their lives? They are idealists and perfectionists, who drive themselves hard in their quest for achieving the goals they have identified for themselves

INFPs are usually talented writers. They may be awkard and uncomfortable with expressing themselves verbally, but have a wonderful ability to define and express what they're feeling on paper. INFPs also appear frequently in social service professions, such as counselling or teaching. They are at their best in situations where they're working towards the public good, and in which they don't need to use hard logic."

The only thing I disagree mostly is about the conflict, I thrive in conflict and chaos, I get bored, and love when things are one minute heaven one minute hell.

The problem and question comes with emotions I would assume where things are even the most complicated. I tend to bottle my emotions up, until the point where I explode, I either spew emotional sentiment out to someone who is stuck having to deal with it, previously I will admit bluntly I used to have an issue with self-injury, and such, a bit too emotional in my opinion to be the logical INTJ.

Finally INFJ, thought about it, but my caring is either all or nothing, my caring about the world is met with apathy. Plus the whole atheist, and isolation even from family seems contrast to an INFJ.

The thing is my desire to go to pharmacy is diminishing, and being a chem major is diminishing. Slowly being replaced with being I dunno, and maybe a psych major. I haven't changed things since my dad is an INTJ and I don't feel like sitting around debating my reasoning, when I haven't come up with a reason why yet, and which is why I can't justify it to myself to change yet, except that I'm not happy, how can I justify it to others if I can barely justify it to myself.

I work on a small online business , and am soon starting as a substitute teacher, yet I'm still apprehensive about having to be responsible for this group, as well having to fake being social, and think I'll screw up.

I've also been debating lately about volunteering for a suicide hotline,(which starts pushing me towards INFP/INFJ) but the problem is the empathy only comes from emotionally attaching myself to people, I can't just detach myself and still be as empathic, but I can still look objectively and give INTJ like advice it's confusing.

Sexually I don't care so much on the feelings, as the shared intimacy, and the physical manifestation of love.

So basically in my head it feels like I'm mostly contrasting between the two extremes, INTJ vs. INFP, INTP and INFJ are kinda close, but still not quite a snug fit.

I know the two types generally have issues with each other, and it's as if the two are conflicting in my head, alone I'm an INTJ and around people I become an INSP?

And thus I ask others opinions. because I'm tired of analyzing it within myself, and want to see how others perceive me, to perhaps see a side I'm blind to.

Thank you for your time.

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I understand from your way of writing that you are still very much in the middle of the process of trying to find out who you are and how it relates to all of what you've mentioned. I'd suggest you start by reading a bit about cognitive functions (preferably on the subforum here) and se which one you relate to the most. That will give a good starting point.

Someone else might be able to say something just from your writing style as well. I'll pass on that... :happy:

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I'll second penchant's advice about reading up on cognitive functions. It is the best way to tell apart the different INxx types.

Cognitive ladder of INxx:
INTJ: Ni-Te-Fi-Se
INFJ: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se
INFP: Fi-Ne-Si-Fe
INTP: Ti-Ne-Si-Te

So from this as you can see INTJs and INFJs have same dominant function, Ni, while INTPs and INFP have Ti and Fi as dominant respectively. If you can determine which function is your dominant then you can already narrow it down.

Further difference between these types is that as you can see INFJs and INTPs use introverted logic Ti and extraverted feeling Fe as their judging function set (TiFe). Meanwhile INTJs and INFPs use extraverted logic Te and introverted feeling Fi for making judgements (TeFi). If you can determine which set you use then you can narrow it down once again.

References to read over:
Function Attitude
MBTI characteristics & 16 Personality Types

detailed INTP profile: An INTP Profile
detailed INFJ profile: INFJ profile
Ne vs Ni:
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