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Hi. So I need expert advice. Maybe not as urgently as 2 exclamation marks. I was thinking to myself that I was ok with the mbti until I saw you guys and was like "whole other level, geezus". So I was typed on here as an ENTP with possible varying enneagram of 4w5, 1w9 and 7w8 I think and here is wher my confusion lies

Do any of these things change anything about my type:

- I've done the test multiple times, cognitive function tests, mbti tests, enneagram test and have gotten different results from the above. It seems though that a person's analysis on here would be more reliable since it's more personal in that it's tailored to fit a description a person's made rather than broad questions from a test.

- I have more of reactive counter reaction to things. I tend to think about myself first, react accordingly and then rationalise later and most likely feel guilt, that's the kind of impulsive, incontrollable loop I have. Because usually that's what happens. I don't know if it's feel first or speculate first or both.

- I annoy easily. I don't know if that's indicative of use of feeling?

- And the last thing: does it matter if the way I talk on here comes naturally to me in my head, but not as much in the way I communicate in real life?Does that make Ne less or more of a priority?

I keep forgetting to put certain stuff in my descriptions and end up starting up 1-20 threads, I know. But yeah, I think this is my shortest thread.
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