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On the sociotype test i have tested as intp or estp (socionics, switch the p of intp with a j) and i am kind of confused, this test is really reliable (even if most of the tests aren't) so i am going to give you some facts about myself to help me :

- i am impulsive, i can be easily upset, happy etc.. and i act without thinking about the consequences.
- i can worry about the future, when stressed. I also feel like something is going to hurt me when in relality, it's not true.
- when i'm bored (i'm easily bored) i tend to space out.
- i tend to do things in the last moment.
- i hate being late.
- when i talk, i tend to stop in the middle of a sentence to think of a convenable thing to say.
- i can type others but not myself
- i curse a lot, mentally and outwardly.
- i used to be aggressive when i was younger, if someone angered me i would respond with my fists (even if i am a girl) or shout at them...
- i have those weird moments where i ask a question and then answer myself or when someone tell me something, i ask "huh ?" And then one second after i would get it.
- i am really reliable, loyal to people and myself; but if someone hurts me badly, no matter who they are (unless of a close familly memeber) i let then instantly down, stubborn, independent.
- sometimes when i talk to people and they tell me something, when meaning something else; i can be slow to "get-it" but when they say something with no hidden meaning, my mind travels far.
- i tend to change my interests quickly, never commit.
- if someone hurted me in a really bad, psychological way, i never talk to that person again
- i hate it when someone tell me a story, and tells useless details.
- i can ask loads of questions when i don't understand something, which can bore people. Usually my questions are too hard to answer.
- i easily understand things.
- i find it kind of difficult to talk to people, because before i start a sentence i spend too much time in my head trying to make it sound good.
- before answering a question, i take my time to think, which can be annoying to other people.
- i make loads of gestures when talking (moving hands etc...) and i care about how my body language appears to others.
- i can be quite reserved with other people i don't know but i enjoy meeting new, interesting people and have long conversations with them.
- i tend to smile a lot, i appear shy because i don't talk a lot but really, i am reaaally talkative.
- i have high energy.
- i feel uncomftarble in a group of strangers, but i usually try to innisiate conversations with them.
- i am a good listener, and a really honnest person.
- i hardly empathize with people, i can look insensitive but i'm not.
- i, sometimes, think about saying something but end up saying something else.
- i usually have this feeling when, before something really bad happen, i habe a sensation of someone kicking my stomach. And when it happen i have a "i knew it" feeling.
- i can be moody, but i try to control it.
- i ask myself difficult to answer questions mentally.
- i internally talk to myself.
- i am really optimistic, love life and feel happy to exist.
- i don't think too much about the consequences of my antics, i have a live and let live behavior, let things happen.
- i never feel something for long, i hide my emotions in public.
- i can be uncontiously multiple faced with people, for example, acting in a way with them and when with my familly or alone, act in a totally
unrelated way.
- i can't control my emotions, usually it's hard for me to keep them internal and they bubble up externally, in good and bad ways.
- i have quite a bad temper with people, contiously or not.
- i can be harsh, hurting someone without knowing i even did.
- i hate mind games, usually it is quite difficult for me to tell what someone wants from me.
- i hate being alone for a long period of time and i hate being with unknown, boring people for a long period of time.
- people think that i'm a loner or a freak but really, i just seek to have many many friends and to show my feelings without being inconsiderate of others' feelings.
- i HATE being alone, usually i seek someon's company. But also, i can enjoy alone time if i'm doing an interesting activity.
- if something interests me, i need to know everything about it and then do something else.
- i have quite some difficulty finding enjoyable interests.
- i usually ask people questions i already know the answer of, without a reason. And seek their approval on a decision i am about to make even if i don't really care about their oppinion.
- some people think that i'm irresponsible because i act without thinking, but really, i know what i'm doing.
- i avoid lying but sometimes i do it just because i don't want problems.
- i can be maudlin.
- i never finish what i start.
- i am really lazy most of the time
- i like drawing.
- i used to steal things i liked when i was 6-8 but then i realized that it was bad and i stopped.
- i secretely care about what others think of me.
- i usually laugh when someone insults me, unless it's really irrespectful.
- i put on a mask around people, but i am really honnest to myself.
- i can be really changing.
- i usually ask close people questions about myself, to know what they think of me.
- i prefer to take the day as it comes, to live my life the way it is supposed to be lived.
- i have a sollution for every problem
- when i was younger i used to have a strange behavior : when my mom wanted to take me somewhere i would answer no, but when i get to that place i would enjoy it.
- i used to be really individualistic, i still am kind of pragmatic but not as much as before.
- i hated kids or people my age before, i used to like adults.
- i used to rarelly talk to people, but now i can talk to anybody normally.
- i had many, many problems with my mother when i was a kid (she used to scold me for the smallest things, go out everyday and not take care of my familly, she was irresponsible, she used to tell me "why aren't you like every other child ? Well dressed and extravagant ?" She always lied to us and to herself, trying to run away from reality etc...) i used to like people and have many friends but i swore that i would never be like my mother and let everybody down, changed a lot and became more reserved and distant.
- when people show me signs of affection, i usually am indifferent ( i think that it is because of my childhood too, my Mother would give me unwanted affection and made me hate the words "kisses" "hugs".) I only let people that are close to me show me love.
- i am witty, playfull, ironic, never too serious but seek serious people, moody, lazy, imaginative, intelligent, sensitive, cold hearted, distand at first meeting but fun when got to know, funny and charming (what some people think of me)

- i think i have a ti-fe se-ni, i don't know the positions though. I have a 9w1, 6w5, 7w6 enneagram.

Thank you if you answer :)

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ISFP? Your "Ti-Fe Se-Ni" seem completely and utterly off.

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On the sociotype test i have tested as intp or estp (socionics, switch the p of intp with a j)
I was typed in Socionics by some very experienced people, and that test doesn't even list my actual type among the possibilities.

ISFP? Your "Ti-Fe Se-Ni" seem completely and utterly off.
Why? Surely you realise that you can't just say this without some form of explanation.
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IxFP. I'm leaning towards ISFP by quite a lot though.
I cannot see Fe over Fi in you whatsoever. By how you answered, all I see is extreme Fi.
Good luck on finding your true type!

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I think you have Se and Fi as well. I don't think an Fe user could laugh when someone laughs at her or be as distant as you express yourself to be.

Se because you don't like being alone and you need interesting activity but not you don't strike me as Ne like Greyhart. High energy reminds me of Se ^^ and the changing interests.

Also aggression with acting immediately (Se) when they angered you (Fi) makes me think you are Se-Ni and Fi-Te

I'm not an expert though, just a disclaimer. I hope you find your type c:
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