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I need some help....

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What type do you think she has? she always tests wrong and im trying to help her figure it out. i could use your opinions??

"I have spent the last two days trying to figure out which of the 16 personality types i am. But honestly, i don't really think that i fit into a specific one. With each type i find something wrong.....

I am somewhat more difficult to figure out then just answering twenty questions and throwing out letters.

So i will make my own personality type...:)


Intricate- I am very hard to figure out and i dont just let anybody in on my life. If i don't know you very well, i tend to lie cause i dont want you to know the real me until i feel like i can fully trust you. I wont tell you any of my secrets and i wont tell you other people's secrets. But once i get to know you and i know i can trust you, i will pretty much tell you anything you want to know...

Sympathetic- I care about everyone. Namely the hobos and people who don't get to live a life like i do. It actually hurts me deep down. I love to give money to people who need it and nothing beats the smile on their face. I like to save animals, and just half out in whatever way i can.

Ambitious-I know everything that i want to do with my life and i strive to do it. I make alot of goals and though i might not carry them out right away...eventually they WILL get done. I also love to be around people, and hang out with them and go places/do things with them. I love to be the center of attention and in general i am a socialite. But i do have my true friends, and i know who they are. I can establish my acquaintances from my friends.

Pessimistic- I don't always see the glass as being half full...i see it as half empty. I feel like my life is almost over and im only 16. I tend to be negative and i critique alot, though i try not too. I also take everything matter what it is. Even with an "lol" at the end , i might take it the wrong way. "
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Sounds like you have already figured it out. Why define yourself into categories that cannot define you?
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