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So for the longest time ever i have been trying to figure out my type, it's either ISFP or INFJ yet i can only relate to the other INFPs out there.

First thing is that i think i use these functions the most :Ni Fe Fi Ti Se. I know that both Fe and Fi are in there but that's exactly the reason i'm unsure of my type.

For Fe, i can see myself having it because i care a lot about the opinions of other people, not just ones of me but also everything else. I am described by others as helpful and warm, and i am, i do enjoy caring for others, but i can also be pretty invasive of their life.

Fi, it's the function i just cant seem to understand fully, but in my case i feel that it's also linked to my Ni. When i was younger i had no values of myself, literally what people say, i follow them. Until recently i get this "epiphany" Ni thing, that i become close-minded, comitted to my own values and closed myself to others opinion. My values is only there because of Ni.

I can get really into something too, mbti for example, i have researched alot, analyze a ton and i dont think i'll stop until i find an answer.

Se is pretty subtle for me, i'm not in tune with my surroundings at all but i can tell i have it because sometimes, only sometimes i can be really enthusiastic and impulsive with my actions, and of course i regret doing those things :p

I hope to see replies from you guys, thanks for reading.
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