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I would put this in the Guess Your Type but it seems to be filled with TV shows and Film Character so I'm reaching to my fellow (or maybe not) ENFPs!

Every test I've taken say I'm an ENFP (apart from career ones, apparently I'm more of a performer there) but I really question if I am. After stalking 52 pages on a thread about INTJs and ENFPs it dawned onto me that I had a similar thought process to INTJs. Like when people describe how they get lost in thought and seemed to have a death glare.
Like I jump from thought to thought going through a series of ideas, jokes, process and theories in a short amount of time and when somebody interrupts it I've most likely forgotten in a matter of seconds (I solved that by continuously repeating what I've been thinking from the start so I can tie end up together) or it's become too elaborate to make sense in simple words. Of course nobody ever mistaken my absent think glaze for a death glare, more of a distant look but that's beyond the point! :bored:

I've read through ENFJ and ENTP but I just don't connect with those and it's frustrating cause even in my personality type I feel like how I am with all my friends. I'm there but there's something missing. I feel like there's some paragraph that's missing within all the ENFP description like there's more to it than just facts on how we act, like something more.
And it's seems our community is split in the Calm (ENFP kind of calm) and then I won't hurt a fly kind of people. Like some of them are like "Aww, look a cute fly! Let me bring you a cupcake and we can eat together in rainbow happy land." and I'm like "Right fly, I'm eating this cupcake and you're distracting me. You need to leave." It's usually when I look at them like they need to leave and they dash to the window and I open it, I can speak to flies!! :shocked:
I know I'm not an any of the Ss cause I've never scored that and I once read that one thread within their community said something along lines, "What is happy? Does it truly exist, I think it's just contentment" :dry: I went bat-shit crazy but moving on...
I really need help trying to figure out my PT because I'm not God, I can't be every single one invented. And I guess that the fact I'm a 7w8 (3w2 and then 8w7) can explain why authoritative and career driven towards one goal....... But I'm not an expert, seriously not...

Though of course my interest in this will last for a week or two before I come back a couple months later searching for self-understanding again!
Any guesses on my personality type? :D
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