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Discussion Starter #1 I answered them. I don't necessarily want to be typed (although I have no idea what my type is) I just wanted to have it on record that this is what I think about these things at this point in my life. Some of them were less interesting than others, but the ones that were outweighed the negative impact of the boring ones.

Cheers. If you want to discuss any of these with me, I'd be happy to, as long as you're not being a pedantic little shit about it and you are actually doing it to have a quality discussion.


1. Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?
Personally I believe that failure is where the most important lessons are learned, and that it's highly unlikely that the most successful people succeeded in everything to the degree they wanted to the first time they tried it...however, I think that sometimes the consequences of potential catastrophic failure needed to be weighed against the benefits of success, and additionally, to many failures at the same thing in a row can break someone mentally. A practiced, educated try is the best option.
2. If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?
I wouldn't want to fundamentally anything about the way the world works and what is possible because I think that would disrupt my philosophy about life too much thus rendering all my thoughts on the subject pointless, or at least less well adapted than they are, which would be extremely frustrating, to say the least. I would like mental health to be taken more seriously though.
3. To what extent do you shape your own destiny, and how much is down to fate?
Perception is everything. You shape it 100%. Some things may be unavoidable but the way to approach and handle them shapes your destiny and informs who you are. You always have a choice, and you always make a choice.
4. What happens after we die?
Our physical body decomposes unless mummified or burned. Other than that, I don't know, and I feel like it would be pointless to speculate. It would be like trying to solve an equation where there are too many variables and we can't define them all.
5. Should people care more about doing the right thing, or doing things right?
These are very rarely mutually exclusive. This question seems like filler to me.
6. What one piece of advice would you offer to a newborn infant?
I wouldn't offer any advice, most people don't remember anything before the age of 1, and certainly not deeply enough to keep it with them in its entirely and be constantly analyzing it and applying it to their lives years and decades later. I'd off them a toy though or a bottle or teething ring if they needed it.
7. Where is the line between insanity and creativity?
Why assume these are related? Insanity is insanity and creativity is creativity, this is an overplayed trope imo.
8. What is true happiness?
purpose through passion
9. What things hold you back from doing the things that you really want to?
No one thing in particular (it could be any particular thing at any time) but the thing that I give the most serious consideration to is how it will affect the people I care about and the people that care about me. (hopefully for the most part the same people)
10. What makes you, you?
This seems like some more pseudo-philosophical mumbojumbo. No one particular aspect of myself makes me me, its the some of everything having to do with me. If anything were at all different I wouldn't be me as I am now. Some differences would make what appears to be a bigger difference than others though.
11. What is the truth?
12. If lying is wrong, are white lies okay?
I am not a deontologist.
13. How do you know your perceptions are real?
Because I perceive them to have real consequences, and that is real enough for me.
14. What makes a good friend?
Truly caring about the other person in a platonic, absolute, unconditional sense.
15. Why do people fear losing things that they do not even have yet?
Perceived lack of control over their life.
16. Who decides what morality is?
The individual in concert with the society they agree to be a part of.
17. What is the difference between living and being alive?
Nothing. These filler questions are pretty annoying.
18. Is a “wrong” act okay if nobody ever knows about it?
Not sure, as far as my own personal conduct and philosophy towards myself na day actions I would say no.
19. Is there a reason to life?
As of now there does not appear to be. I don't know what I don't know though.
20. How do you know that your experience of consciousness is the same as other people’s experience of consciousness?
I don't know that its exactly the same, and it might very well not be, but confirmed uncollaborated similarities in how it is reported indicate that it is probably extremely similar.
21. What is true strength?
The willpower to live your values and practice your philosophy
22. What is true love?
Unconditional concern for the state of something or someone.
23. Is a family still relevant in the modern world?
Absolutely, if it ever becomes not the case we will truly have lost our way.
24. What role does honor play in today’s society?
I think its more manifested in shaming others unfortunately, when it should be much more concerned with our own actions.
25. If money cannot buy happiness, can you ever be truly happy with no money?
Depends on the person. I'm getting tired of these wiseass filler questions though.
26. How should people live their lives?
However they'd like provided they're not infringing on other people doing the same.
27. How much control do you have over your life?
28. What is freedom?
Ability to manifest your desires unimpinged
29. Isn’t one person’s terrorist another person’s freedom fighter?
Surely, that doesn't make them not a terrorist though. Terrorism has a specific definition, and if someone commits terrorism that makes them a terrorist.
30. Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture?
I can't in good conscience say.
31. What defines you?
I already answered this. In the "what makes you you" question. :rolleyes:
32. What do people strive for after enlightenment?
Depends on the person.
33. Do we have a soul?
Surely we do figuratively.
34. What is intelligence?
Mental capacity
35. Do you make your own decisions, or let others make them for you?
I make them. If I let others make them for me, I have made the decision to let them do so. I don't do this very often.
36. What is reality?
Our the interaction between our individual perception of existence and the confirmation of uncollaborated accounts of other individuals
37. Is trust more important than love?
38. Is it easier to love or be loved?
I don't know and I don't care.
39. Is it better to love and lose or never to love?
depends how easily you break. If you can at all handle it, I think it is better to love and lose because you will learn more about yourself at the very least.
40. Do aliens exist?
I can't say for sure but I am almost certain they do. Based on what we know about how expansive the universe is, it is highly unlikely we are the only life-forms in it.
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