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I spent hours for a few days putting together a visual guide for weight training. I hadn't worked out with dumbbells (the only way I use weights) for more than 10 years.

Back in Ohio, finally accepting being here, doing better with PTSD which began from experiences here like early and ongoing foster care stints, being raped when I was nine, so much more, some might say worse... it took me this long to do some necessary self-care.

Here are three photos--I think I can only have that many in a blog, but I have the album to mark this important step (on my Home Page, in its own album).

Cover__Great Dumbbell Handbook__600 x 430 pixels__Nov 3 17__Began Home Workout Using DIY Binder.jpg

Great_dumbbell_handbook__ballet_squat__600 x 450 pixels_ 11 3 17__DIY Binder for Home Workout.jpg

I'm starting with 10 exercises, 5 reps, weights from 2 to 5 lbs., working my whole body twice a week:

Fridays and Tuesdays (usually).

And I'll increase weight, add exercises as my body adjusts, stopping and maintaining my routine when I know it's time, and the 'knowing' will be according to strength vs. fatigue, or the Law of Diminishing Returns.


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