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Hello, all.

I'm a n00b. Apparently I'm supposed to post a thread announcing my presence to all of you. I've been posting for a few days now. I enjoy it here. This is the most loyal I've been to a forum in a long time. Usually I'll lurk for a day or two and then leave. But I like the atmosphere here.

I'm an INTP. I'm also an Enneagram Type 4. Yeah. At first I thought it couldn't be true, but I've been reading, and I really think it is accurate, and probably explains a lot of my inner-self-struggle issues.

The first time I took the MBTI I got an ENFP! Weird. I knew it wasn't right. One of the reasons was because the counselor told me that it was "very common", and I've never felt like I fit in with the rest of the world. After a lot of reading and taking a lot of other tests, I am very sure that INTP is extremely accurate for me.

I love Myers-Briggs so much. It has really helped me understand myself and the people around me. I'm dating an ISTJ. My other best friend is an ISTJ, too. My other good friends are INFJs and INTPs. One of my roommates is INFP, the other I'm having a hard time pinning down, but possibly INTP. My mother is an ISFJ. I think my dad is an ESFP. ...Anyway, yeah. Just to give you an idea of the types that I deal with on a regular basis.

I tend to not deal well with overly Extraverted or Sensing people. I honestly don't understand sensing at all. Even reading about it, for some reason I just can't seem to wrap my head around what the essence of Si or Se is, even though apparently Si is my tertiary function.

Anyway. I really get off on theorizing about this stuff. Which I guess makes sense, being an INTP and all. My poor ISTJ boyfriend doesn't get it at all, and thinks personality tests are dumb, but he humors me and sometimes admits that I bring up interesting points.

I recently took a Cognitive Function Sorter test, and was a little confused by the results... I've only recently started reading about the Cognitive Functions, but I know as an INTP I'm supposed to be:

Ti > Ne > Si > Fe > Te > Ni > Se > Fi

But the test I took gave me these results:

Ti > Te > Ne > Se > Si > Ni > Fi > Fe

Wtf is that? I know my Ti and Ne are very dominant, and that lines up, but yeah. If anyone would like to help me understand what this means. I guess I don't totally understand the ordering of the functions and what it all means. I just have a vague idea.

Anyway. There, I rambled about me for a while.

Any questions or comments are welcome, and I look forward to forum-ing with you all. :happy:

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Woo, INTPs! *highfive*

...only an INTP would highfive and then get lost in train of thought about who the first people were to highfive, and how the hell did that become a normal social gesture??? *Googles*

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I'd be interested to hear the results of that, lol.
Apparently some basketball players started it? The specifics of the story seem to vary.

((don't mind me, I'm one of those extremely extroverted can ignore me and it won't hurt my feelings)) :crazy:
Haha. I don't mind extroverts as long as they understand my introvertedness. :tongue:

Hello and welcome to the neighborhood! Hi-five
Thanks! :happy:

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Welcome to the forum :happy:
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