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So I am back with another annoying thread about my ''self discovery''.

I have been into Personality Type for a few months or so,so I am a fresh gup in the seas of fish.
I had recently taken MANY personality test with the constant result of ISFP.I even took an enneagram test and got 4w5 and or 5w6.

But I'm still so unsure.

Well in order to determine my personality,I'll have to tell you a bit bout me.

Okay, so HI, My name is Da'Jah;however I preferred to be called Daey Marie because I feel some sort of connection from the name.It reminds me of a pin-up rebellious artist.I'm basically just obsessed with that kind of careless aura.

I'm obsessed with make-up and I feel each time I do my makeup I become''Daey''in a sense.

I'm obsessed with Prince, Lana Del Rey and Sky Ferriera.
They are ALL ISFP's.
I'm on a basic bridge to self discovery and I love books. I actually write a few of my own.
i'm obsessed with psychology, I like the ability it has.

I love learning about what is unknown. I believe I have some sort of untapped power.
I believe somewhere during a part in my life, I will be given a sign and that sign will guide me to my destination.
I am an artist, I draw, not all the time because sadly I do not believe my crafts are not all that good. So I have moved on to ''bigger and better things''

I NEVER seem to get enough rest, my mind IS ONGOING which leads to frequent anxiety attacks.
I'm prone to depression and my mood swings are CRAZY. When I'm up I'm on fire and when I'm down I'M DEAD.

I have non-verbal disorder,I'm not sure If that counts. You might be able to see that in my awful style of typing.
I'm pretty feisty and a REAL INTROVERT. I have SERIOUS trouble making friends and because of my disorder I can appear to look flighty.

My influences are Sky Ferriera and Courtney Love. I love them so much. I love Kurt Cobain as well.

My style of dressing is rather odd. I don't wear flipflops in the summer and I own a lot of dark clothing basically that's it. I can't think right now cause of these damn hormones; so yeah

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So I am back with another annoying thread about my ''self discovery''.
Have you tried studying cognitive functions to figure out your type? Type isn't about behaviors, it's about perception and cognition, and motivations and attitudes to some extent. So listing how you dress and what you listen to isn't very telling. If you haven't read about cognitive functions yet, do that and write down which ones sound most like you. This will help you narrow down your type or confirm your current typing.

A few useful sources:
Lenore Thomson's Descriptions of MBTI Functions
MBTI Functions Descriptions from Various Sources
MBTI Form of the Inferior Function
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