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Like everyone else said, you really should spend some time getting to know yourself without the pressure of having to worry about another person. I realized this after my first break-up. I wish I could have realized it before... maybe the break-up wouldn't have happened if I knew myself better. It's a constantly renewing cycle, especially as you change as a person.

Don't feel like you need to rebound into another crush or relationship. Spend at least 6 months discovering yourself outside this crush. (And yes, I've had situations like you explain. No physical contact, and the other person is absolutely oblivious. It's an interesting situation.)

Sometimes finding the purpose of your existence takes a long time. I believe that even if you don't pinpoint it, you'll know what it is at some point. :laughing:
Cannot agree with you more! It bugs me how many people just jump from relationship to relationship without ever taking the time out to get to know themselves. I was "traded up" about a year ago and have been single and focusing on myself ever since. So much has changed for me in that time and I'm starting to feel like it is time to explore other people/relationships again. It was incredibly tough to get over that initial feeling of requiring some sort of rebound though.

@OP, you will get there! It just takes a lot of patience. Sometimes it is too easy to get caught up with the idea that relationships (or idea of) are the only thing that give you meaning.

Now I'll stop before my thoughts get even more incoherent! :tongue:
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