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to the op asmit127

you need to view crushes or infatuations as learning experiences - I seriously think its your sub conscious preparing you for the real thing. It's also a lesson that you MUST let any girl you are strongly attracted to KNOW how you feel. Yes I know it's hard but in the long term it's far more beneficial.

Regarding finding out what love is - it's simple ... it's what people do for each other when there is NO sex involved. I'm certainly not dismissing sex, I actually think it's far more important than love.

Also regarding having a purpose in life - this is a very big INFP thing...most of the time I feel quite meaningless...BUT life doesn't need a purpose - most things simply exist because someone thought they were a good idea. Treat life as a meandering journey and enjoy the experience

I disagree with giving yourself 6 months before 'dating' to sort yourself out. Trust me you learn more through dating than anything else -INFPs are too inward for our own good
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