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and she said herself that she hasn't and wouldn't.

I am getting mad right now over this, and I think she thinks Im stupid. She has done this before, trying to get out of answering something by "technically" modifying it. I am sick of it, and I am about to just drop her out of my life, because she is dropping clues that may seem irrelevant to this, but I think it is relevant.

She doesnt want me out of her life, but thats going to change very, VERY soon. She will be crying like a baby having its lolipop taken from her.

Lol, Im sorry. What I wanted to ask was, is it right to assume she is lying?
Im sorry for ranting.
Lol, I'm actually in the same boat, sort of.

INTP girl tries to deceive me for a week and a half - thinks she's playing me or something. I call her out on it, and hard. It was actually funny to watch her squirm and panic, and she's actually scared that I hate her. Going out with her tomorrow, should be entertaining at least.

Good luck with whatever you want to do. No need to get mad over anything, though. Silly idiots playing games when there could be wonderful things in their life. It's their loss, bud.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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